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Useful files, tools and links for Jaguar development


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This topic is a repository for all files, tools and links that are useful for Jaguar development. Click on the titles to download the files.
If you think something is missing, find a broken link, or have a suggestion to improve it, don't hesitate to post.

(work in progress, unsorted as of now)

Developer documentation (contributed by Starcat and Jon Matthieson)
These are scans of the paper documentation which was included in the Jaguar's SDK. They are believed to be the most up-to-date version available.
Beware : the archive also includes the Techref v8 file made available by John Mathieson in 2001 ; while it is more convenient to use, it appears to be an older version.

JAGUAR.INC is the include file which contains hardware registers and constants definitions. You'll need it to program in assembler or C.
This version has a changelog dated 05/16/1995 and is believed to be the latest one.

JagView (contributed by dox)
JagView is an utility to find and display uncompressed Jaguar pictures embedded in a ROM file (or as separate files). 8-bit, CRY and RGB formats are supported.
Beware : it is known to display slightly wrong colors in some circumstances.

An updated BJL uploader which works under Windows 2000/XP, as well as Windows 9x and Linux. Sources included.

Jaguar Image Converter
A modern and more flexible replacement for TGA2CRY. Sources included.

bmp_cry, 8bit_to_bmp , view_jag
Quick-and-dirty programs to view and convert pictures to and from Jaguar formats. Sources included.

Virtual Jaguar 1.0.7 with BIN files support
Virtual Jaguar 1.0.7, patched to allow the loading of straight BIN files, and compiled for Windows.

Orion's GPU/DSP debugger
What it says in the title smile.gif Sources included.

The Removers Library's Q & A
Question and answers about the Removers' C library.

The core of a Jaguar remote debugger using BJL. Can also be used as a basis for reliable bidirectionnal BJL communications. Sources included.

Encrypting CDs using the BJL cable
How to encrypt CDs if you don't have any JagLink or serial cable.

Cartridge dumping tool
Allows you to dump Jaguar cartridges, including flash carts. Sources included.

Workaround for the UART bug
How to use the network without crashes. Sources included.

Jagpads, teamtaps, rotaries and other controllers
Single topic about the different type of controllers and the way to support them.

Jagfiles (contributed by Curt Vendel)
Lots of source code from games, mechanical drawings, various Atari documentation, etc.

Atari Showroom (Jaguar section)
A local mirror of Glenn Bruner's former site. Lots of technical information about Jaguar hardware, both common and rare. Includes schematics, Tom & Jerry netlists, Alpine-related documents, etc.
Thanks to Glenn Bruner for providing the files!

A mirror of CTS' former site. A few dev tools there, and some 3D stuff.
Some files are unfortunately missing.

Universal cartridge header (contributed by Glenn Bruner)
The cartridge header that can be added in front of any ROM code to allow it to run on non-modded Jaguars.

MPEG cartridge documents (contributed by Glenn Bruner)
Technical documents related to the MPEG 1 decoding cartridge that Atari planned (but never released).

Adding a rotary on a standard Jagpad

Cartridges mechanical drawings / dimensions

Fastboot header for carts (contributed by Tursi)
A special header for cartridges that speeds up the boot process.

The Jaguar Server home page
A mirror of Roine Steinberg's Jaguar Server page. (A few images are missing, unfortunately)

Flare II Jaguar technical reference manual (pre-Atari, 1992)
For archeology buffs, the oldest version of the docs.

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External links :

Freescale 68K series page
Freescale (formerly Motorola) is the manufacturer of the 68000 processor in the Jaguar. You'll find the official technical documentation on this page.

Matthias Domin's Jaguar page
Very complete webpage with extensive information about the hardware aspects of the Jaguar. Includes the Jaguar hardware schematic, cartridge schematics, and information about BJL and other hardware modifications, the JagLink and compatible devices, analog controllers, light guns, mice, rotary controllers, CD encryption, cartridge EEPROMs, and more.

Dumps of various system ROMs and special cartridges (boot ROM, JagCD ROM, Stubulator, Flash cartridge and Memory Track), and information about making Jaguar CDs.

Sinister Developments Jaguar Development Resources
Sources of Sinister's MOD files player, and of the game Painter.

Bastian Schick's homepage
Home of the BJL development kit. Includes the BJL ROM image, uploader programs for DOS, Linux and the Atari ST/TT/Falcon, and various demos with sources.

Hill Software (local mirror)
You can find the original Jaguar SDK here, as well as ready-made development environment for Windows, Linux and MacOS X. There is also a CD version of the BJL ROM and a GUI frontend for the Skunkboard tools.

The Removers
Development environment and support libraries to create Jaguar programs easily in C, with examples.

Swap d0's development tools
Jaguar development suite for BeOS, with sources : BJL loader, assembler, debugger and disassembler. There's also an image compression routine.

ray's 16/32 bits Atari page
CRY image viewer for the ST (look in the 'Miscellaneous' part). There is also a lot of code which is not Jaguar-specific but nonetheless very interesting (data packing, wavelet image compression, 3D algorithms, etc.).

Reboot projects
Universal Loading System (convert any BJL program into a self-bootable CD in just a few minutes), CD encryption with the Skunkboard, Atari ST version of the BJL uploader patched to work correctly with large files, Jagtopia (CD-based encryption bypass).

LinkoVitch Atari Jaguar's page
Detailed guide (with photos) on how to install the BJL ROM into your Jaguar. There's also a Jaguar CD repair guide.

How to do the BJL Mod
Another BJL modding guide.

Atari Museum - Jaguar section
Cartridges and CDs encryption tools, cartridge mechanical drawings, sources of the CD BIOS and VLM, information on unreleased projects (JagModem, MPEG decoding board, Atari 2600 emulator, Jaguar 2, Panther).

The Jaguar Underground Documentation
The first independent attempt at documenting the Jaguar. Pretty much obsolete now that the official docs are available, but you never know...

The Jaguar Server home page
As the title says, this is the home page for the old Jaguar Server computer-to-Jaguar link. It's been superseded by BJL for a long while, and the link is provided for historical purposes.

Else Engineering's JagLink II
Information about the JagLink II, and how to program for it.

No Fragments 9: Jaguar Freeware
Random public Atari Jaguar files, some are development-related. The whole CD is also available as an ISO image.

Project Tempest
A pretty fast Jaguar emulator, but not very accurate. It is no longer developed. Note : if something doesn't run with Project Tempest 0.95, try the 0.5 version from this page instead : it works better in some cases.

Virtual Jaguar
(Windows binaries)

A more accurate but much slower Jaguar emulator. Still developed, but not updated often.

Another emulator ; it was considered abandoned since 2001, but a new version has been released by its author in June 2011.

Skunkboard home page
Home page for the Skunkboard cartridge, where you can find the latest BIOS and software, as well as a support forum.

Robert Demming's Atari page
Jaguar CD Creator (program to make creating Jaguar CDs easier), information on how to convert a standard JagCD into a developer JagCD, and an illustrated guide for installing a switch to support 5 different boot ROMs.

Jaguar Cinepak Tools for Windows (a GUI program to create Cinepak video CDs).

SubQMod's Console and Emulator Development
Home of SMAC and SLN (open-source replacements for ALN and MAC).

Patched version of SLN by DrTypo
Fixes some bugs in the original version of SLN.

The cartridge boot process
Info and disassembly of the cartridge boot code.

Tool to convert Jaguar programs from and to different formats (Jaguar Server, BJL, ROM, CD).

Windows tool for uploading software to the official Atari Flash carts.

Templates for manuals, boxes and overlays
For those who want to make games that fit on the shelf next to the official ones wink.gif

Replacing the Jaguar cartridge port by OMF
For people who break their cartridge port like Zerosquare biggrin.gif

The Favard Jaguar development kit
An early homebrew development kit that was made by the Favard brothers.

Reboot's open-source replacements for MAC and ALN.

JRob's SPU
A sound library that supports CD audio mixing.

LinkoVitch's sound engine, graphics converter and RISC disassembler.

Fujiology - Jaguar section
An archive of Atari-related files collected by Lotek Style of TSCC.
Lots of stuff, but mostly mirrors of what's available elsewhere.

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Good thing you mentioned the archive's name, because otherwise with source code names such as SUCK.S and PUSSY.S one might get the wrong idea :P


Seriously, was that thing ever made and/or works?

Atari got at least a few prototypes made. Glenn Brunner has one. More info here.


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Would you be willing to add my fastboot header for carts? I had it at JS2, but since that's down... ;) It has just 2 blocks to decrypt instead of 10 so starts in 1 second instead of 5. I also had a tool to replace the boot header on any ROM image with it. (It was originally one block, but that's not compatible with the JagCD).


Downside of it is that it doesn't verify the entire cartridge, but, neither does the common universal header, so I figured that might be okay. ;)



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