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  1. Project Apocalypse

    Hi, i'm very happy to give you two screenshoots of one of the games i'm working on, a shoot'em up called : Project Apocalypse. A two players game, featuring my full Gpu sprite manager (SebRmv, be ready i will give very nearly a playable demo of this game ) - one Vbl game - 320*256 playfield - 16 bits graphics and some others things you don't really need, because it's not very important for you and you have reason GT Turbo (Jagware) A few people will receive a playable demo for testing in few weeks.
  2. Unpacking rout

    Voila LA routine de décompactage de la Jag : LZW_JAG.ZIP C'est une adaptation Gpu ou Dsp de la routine de décompactage de Ray (TSCC) Tout est dedans, le compacteur Atari et PC (Amis PCistes, vous pouvez remercier SCPCD pour la recompilation du compacteur !) et la routine Jag et bien sur le mode d'emploi !! P.S : un grand merci a SCPCD, car la première fois j'ai oublié la routine Gpu !! [english] Here come THE Jag unpacking rout !! In the ZIP file you will find Atari and PC packers (SCPCD has recompiled it for the PC), the Jag routine and of course notice !! It's an adaptation of a Ray (TSCC) rout. GT Turbo P.S : big thanks to SCPCD, first time i forgot the Gpu rout !!
  3. Unpacking rout

    Faster, Harder, Reboooooot !!!
  4. Happy New Year 2016

    Happy New Year !!
  5. Cloudy with a chance of metaballs

    I love it !!!
  6. Little off topic : Zero normally now you can 'like this'. (Bad, need to modify the numbers of vote by day at hand for all groups ) Hope i modified all the groups.
  7. There is one on the right, you don't have ? But only problem when i click on it : too much vote today (Even if i it's my first vote !)
  8. Winners don't use JagCD....
  9. Zero vs JagCD !! FIGHT !!
  10. Second run for Another World !!!

    Hi Jag Fans !! SebRmv has confirmed, the second run for Another World is ok !!! Be patient he said but it will be another run !! Don't forget the email for the second run and all question about the games : anotherworld a-t jagware d-o-t org GT
  11. 2015 a new year !!

    2014 is finished, 2015 is here ! An happy new year to all Atari fans !!! Be 2015 better than 2014 what else ? GT
  12. Jagware website

    Hello, Jagware is back with an updated CMS (Thanks RaZ). Here come the first post on this new CMS, we wish you an happy New Year !!! ------------------------------------------------- Hi, it's RaZ following up on the news. First, i'd like to apologize for the time it took to update the site, sorry for any trouble it may have cause. Second, there's a few bugs left, Gravatars went MIA, for those using them, you may have to update your profile picture. Then, some smileys are missing, we're working on that too (/fixed). Mobile version should be ok, signal it to me otherwise. Third, connect, enjoy, profit. Happy holidays to everyone.
  13. RAPTOR v2014.11.29

    Start your Jag !!! Raptor is here !! It's the start of a new era !!! GT
  14. What a great day !!!!

    Today is the day of D.T.S. Father !!!! Happy Birthday Matmook !!!!!!!!
  15. What a great day !!!!

    Yeah !! Matmook's birthday !!!! What else ?
  16. Hello!

    Hello and welcome
  17. Demo in Javascript !!!

    Demo JS Yes i know, 'coding' a demo in javascript must be normally forbidden, it's my stomach and my Atari who told me that but if you are on Paris this week end, coding on other platforms are allowed !! If you want to know more about this 'demoparty', go here : http://demojs.org/ Intro here : http://tmp.graphics/releases/fuckjs/ GT
  18. Jagware Badges to win !!

    Hello, Because some people say and say again Jaguar is not a 64 bit machine and you must know one thing, what we have to do of this info ? Nothing, it's an Atari machine, it's the only real thing !! Because it's perhaps a 16, 32 or 64 bits machine, the 16, 32 and 64 emails sent here : badges@jagware.org will win 2 Jagware badges !! I will post a photo of them, when this f.... usb cell phone driver will run. GT
  19. Jagware Badges to win !!

    and we have found the last winner !!
  20. Jagware Badges to win !!

    Two first packages have been seent today. We need another winner, so the first one to send an email, win !!
  21. my first post

    No trap, nothing like that on the Jaguar But coding on an ST (or emulator) will be very helpful to code on Jaguar. Especially if you have coded demos on Atari computers, coding on Jag is like democoding on an Atari computer, no O.S. just you and your skills the x86 is a very bad assembler for starting, it's normal you've got a bad experience, the 68000 is surely the best assembler for starting. the 68000 is surely the best thing than Motorola have done in microprocessor world !!!
  22. Homebrews shops

    Hello, People are always asking where i can this game or another one, so here come a list of shops where you can Jaguar games : Orion : http://onorisoft.free.fr/retroshop/index.html RGCD : http://rgcd.bigcartel.com/category/atari-jaguar-4 Good Deal Games : http://www.gooddealgames.com/inventory/Atari%20Jaguar.html Console 5 : http://console5.com/store/software/atari-g...r-cd-games.html AtariAge : http://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_list&c=26 Matthias Domin : http://www.mdgames.de/jag_eng.htm I don't give ebay for some reasons, you know for sure (If i forgot you, please contact us : admin -at- jagware -org- ) GT #poulpe#
  23. Philia: the Sequel to Elansar - Jaguar CD

    A little info, forget this auction : http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Elansar-Atari-Jagua...=item4ad7d25a2a If you want this game, contact Orion here : http://onorisoft.free.fr/retroshop/index.html You will be sure having an original and at a DECENT price !! GT #poulpe#
  24. my first post

    For all your problems, i think SebRmv can help you. If you really want to learn asm, look here : http://www.yaronet.com/posts.php?s=164543 (French) GT #poulpe#