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  1. Oh wow!... ggn.. this is very very nice, thank you man, this is really awesome, merci beaucoup. danke. mucho gracias. Also thanks to all the developers who made this possible.
  2. Useful files, tools and links for Jaguar development

    Thank you Zerosquare for getting together all these great resources in one place, very nice and convenient. Cheers.
  3. Do The Same and Beebris : help sick children

    Very nice idea here guys, I will bid 5.67 Euros for this first copy of DoTheSame.
  4. Ovalbugman It's Your Turn !!!

    Seems I am far beyond late... to my own Birthday party here guys,.. but still I thank you very much for the kind remembrance of my special day! - you guys have always been the best/coolest to me on all the forums. Thanks for the Strawberry Shortcake Zerosquare, that looks delicious!
  5. Matmook's Birthday

    Well, two days late now but I hope you had; A Very Happy Birthday! Matmook!
  6. And I too have now received my, Do The Same, Official version CD & jewel case in the mail yesterday! Thanks again Matmook and everyone involved! Like the manual also.
  7. skunkGUI released for Windows and OS X (x86/ppc)

    Awesome Belboz! I will dl it and give it a go soon. You have done a lot for Jaguar fans recently -it is very much appreciated! You got skillz dude and you rock!!!
  8. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    a little late but.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEROSQUARE!!!
  9. WhooHoo! I have WON a JaguarCD game! Thanks Matmook! - I have responded to your PM with my mailing postal address. Stay Jaguar Matmook! Viva le France!
  10. Happy Birthday !!

    I am terribly late with this, but oh well... Happy Belated Birthday Starcat!!!!!
  11. Next Release :

    Great! I think releasing one level of Project One at a time is a good way to get changes implemented that will make the game better for playing, as the feedback will come directly from the players once the first level and intro are released. You can't please everybody all the time, but you can change what the majority feel is necessary and most logical for improving playability. Some suggestions may not be implemented because they may go against the vision of the game the developers have, after all this is being done for Reboot's enjoyment not the fans, although it is a BIG plus to us Jagfans. The shooter style genre is one of the most poular in video gaming history and I am sure this will be a very fun, enjoyable, interesting, and very playable game. You guys are putting a lot of work into this and it is appreciated by the people that know about it's developement and are awaiting it's arrival. Of course you do it for your own enjoyment but for non-coders - just players like myself it is a big bonus to have new stuff on such an old Atari system.
  12. Reboot And Jagware Together !!

    The more people involved in a Jaguar development group like this the marrier! I think this is a good merger as their will be a bigger knowledge base and more poeple to help solve problems and make things easier and quicker!
  13. Atomic Reloaded

    Thank you very much Seb! You rock!
  14. Project 1 Preview Video Has Landed!

    I can't wait for this one - action shooter! - Niiiice!!
  15. Do The Same, First Pictures !!

    I got this game now! - Thank you Matmook and everyone who helped on it! Fun game, I will be playing more of this.