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  1. Demo in Javascript !!!

    Fuck JS - name says all
  2. JiFFI as SkunkBoard GUI

    The message simply means that it will upload the file as a ROM file. This means that it will overwrite whatever's written in the flash chip, which means one could lose work - see it as a "are you sure you want to flash your skunkboard?". Anyway, that was included as courtesy, no harm done to the skunkboard whatsoever
  3. RMAC

    Why are the gpu in main functions missing?
  4. Silly Venture 2013

    People say there were 2 Jaguar releases there, so it's relevant
  5. .................

    Happy birthday Nick!
  6. Ok, here's a copy/paste from the readme file, just grab the ROM from our website and have fun!
  7. A.C. 2013

    On the airport waiting for my flight to Athens - had a lovely time (but was really busy trying to beat my trainwreck of a game entry into working). It was nice meeting all the frenchies from IRC . In summation, AC13 was like
  8. A.C. 2013

    AC is going to be like
  9. A.C. 2013

    AC is going to be like
  10. A.C. 2013

    AC is going to be like
  11. A.C. 2013

    AC is going to be like
  12. A.C. 2013

    For GT, AC is going to be like
  13. A.C. 2013

    AC is going to be like
  14. Gt Is The Man Of The Day

    Poulpe birthday!
  15. Reboot release roundup

    Last couple of months have been busy for Reboot, so here's a small recap of what's been released: qUaKe, the qUICK uTIL aLLOWING kOLOSSAL eXHIBITIONS is a simple picture display viewer that combines 640x480 pictures. They are BPEG packed so lots can fit in a single 2 or 4mb ROM. Full source code and generator program are available, so there's no excuse - you can all create your custom shows now! rmac and rln is a continuation of Landon Dyer and Alan Pratt's MADMAC assembler/ALN linker and Subqmod's smac/sln suite. On one hand running dosbox to assemble code isn't productive, and on the other hand we found a few bugs in smac/sln and it was a chore working around them. So, with Shamus (of Virtualjaguar fame) leading the attempt and quite a few people chipping in, we're trying to make a fast and reliable Jaguar assembler for modern machines! Tripper: to quote the Atariage release thread: