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  1. Hello, Some of you might be aware of this FTP location: ftp://ftp.untergrund.net/users/ggn/Jag%20PD%20collection/. Historically it was created as a stress test of JiFFI and Virtual Jaguar, and of course as a sort of final solution for me to avoid searching for Jaguar releases all over the Internet (not to mention having to figure out how to run them! I'm sure most of you will have really bad experiences). Today I took another shot at updating it and uploading stuff that weren't there before. As I'm writing this binaries are still being uploaded. I also thought of organising the files a bit in folders as the directory was getting too chaotic to make any sense of. So, this post/thread was created to announce this, and also as a call to help. Here are some of my thoughts for the future of that FTP: All files are present in all formats that are possible. .ROM files are headerless or with header, abs/coff/bjl/bin/uls/etc are converted using JiFFI to all other formats. I've tried to rename the files to have a sensible filename instead of the one that was officially given by its creator. If this sounds confusing for you and you don't want to download dupes to mix with other collections, don't use this FTP! Of course I'll take renaming suggestions under consideration and apply them if they make sense. (short version: I'm a reasonable man, but don't come asking for TOSEC naming scheme - you will be ignored!) Found any duplicates? Please report them and I'll sort it out. Found any file(s) in wrong place(s)? Again, report them! Found any wrongly named files? Don't keep it to yourself! Found something that's not on the FTP? You know how the 'Reply' button works! Can you identify any of the binaries in the root folder and tell me their authors? Tell me and I'll probably make a folder so they can be placed neatly inside. Are you an author and want me to add some files not present? Send them in! Any suggestions in general? Speak your mind! Another point I'd like to make is that you do not have to download the whole archive file for file, even for the collection! For the non-ROMs, grabbing the abs/coff file is more than sufficient for modern emulators and homebrew carts like the Skunkboard. At a stretch you can download the .CDI files if you fancy burning a CD and you can't run JiFFI (or don't have it handy!). That's all I can think of for the time being. Note that I might not respond to any replies to this thread immediately (or take action in a JiFFI, har har!) but I'll do my best to keep the FTP tidy. Finally, many thanks to www.untergrund.net for the gracious hosting!
  2. Demo in Javascript !!!

    Fuck JS - name says all
  3. JiFFI as SkunkBoard GUI

    The message simply means that it will upload the file as a ROM file. This means that it will overwrite whatever's written in the flash chip, which means one could lose work - see it as a "are you sure you want to flash your skunkboard?". Anyway, that was included as courtesy, no harm done to the skunkboard whatsoever
  4. RMAC

    Why are the gpu in main functions missing?
  5. Silly Venture 2013

    People say there were 2 Jaguar releases there, so it's relevant
  6. .................

    Happy birthday Nick!
  7. Ok, here's a copy/paste from the readme file, just grab the ROM from our website and have fun!
  8. A.C. 2013

    On the airport waiting for my flight to Athens - had a lovely time (but was really busy trying to beat my trainwreck of a game entry into working). It was nice meeting all the frenchies from IRC . In summation, AC13 was like
  9. A.C. 2013

    AC is going to be like
  10. A.C. 2013

    AC is going to be like
  11. A.C. 2013

    AC is going to be like
  12. A.C. 2013

    AC is going to be like
  13. A.C. 2013

    For GT, AC is going to be like
  14. A.C. 2013

    AC is going to be like
  15. Gt Is The Man Of The Day

    Poulpe birthday!
  16. Reboot release roundup

    Last couple of months have been busy for Reboot, so here's a small recap of what's been released: qUaKe, the qUICK uTIL aLLOWING kOLOSSAL eXHIBITIONS is a simple picture display viewer that combines 640x480 pictures. They are BPEG packed so lots can fit in a single 2 or 4mb ROM. Full source code and generator program are available, so there's no excuse - you can all create your custom shows now! rmac and rln is a continuation of Landon Dyer and Alan Pratt's MADMAC assembler/ALN linker and Subqmod's smac/sln suite. On one hand running dosbox to assemble code isn't productive, and on the other hand we found a few bugs in smac/sln and it was a chore working around them. So, with Shamus (of Virtualjaguar fame) leading the attempt and quite a few people chipping in, we're trying to make a fast and reliable Jaguar assembler for modern machines! Tripper: to quote the Atariage release thread:
  17. Hi, I'm working on a "small" tool for the jaguar that's just about ready, apart from the following: I want to be able to create 16-colour gradients in paletted mode (5-6-5 RGB), from one palette entry (grad1) to another (grad2). Because I wanted an easy way for the user to pick colours, I used the Windows built-in col selector which is 32-bit, to select grad1 and grad2. I keep grad1 and grad2 32bit internally and when it's time to generate the gradients, I convert them down to 16bit. Here's the (ugly) code that does both the conversion and gradient creation (with some redundant crap removed): r1 = grad1 And $ff : r4 = grad4 And $ff g1 = Shr%(grad1, 8) And $ff : g4 = Shr%(grad4, 8) And $ff b1 = Shr%(grad1, 16) And $ff : b4 = Shr%(grad4, 16) And $ff col = (Shl&(r1, 8) And $f800) + (Shl&(b1, 3) And $7c0) + (Shr&(g1, 2)) 'write beginning gradient (1) stepr = (r4 - r1) / 15 : stepg = (g4 - g1) / 15 : stepb = (b4 - b1) / 15 'calculate steps For l = 1 To 14 col = (Shl&(Round(r1 + stepr * l / 8) And 255, 8 + 3) And $f800) + (Shl&(Round(b1 + stepb * l / 8) And 255, 3 + 3) And $7c0) + (Round(g1 + stepg * l / 4) And $3f) 'write gradients 2-14 Next l col = (Shl&(r4, 8) And $f800) + (Shl&(b4, 3) And $7c0) + (Shr&(g4, 2)) 'write final gradient (15) (so the code calculates the steps for r,g,b from the 8bit coefficients of grad1,grad4 and then creates the gradients by adding the step values to grad1's values, and then shifts them into place and masks them). This nearly works, but there are some errors that are really visible on pure grey gradients; the green component seems to not keep in sync with the red and green, so some ugly stuff are being shown instead of shades of gray. From some reference palettes I have, I seem to be either spot-on or +/-1 when creating my palettes. Anyone had any experiences with this? The only thing I wanted to try was to calculate the gradients using 16bit mode (5R,6G,5B) but I don't think that would change things much. Any input is appreciated!
  18. Sorry for delaying my reply so much - busy busy busy lately! Since zerosquare's experiments confirm that the palettes are not exactly linear, I'll change strategies. Thanks to everyone here and on IRC for the suggestions and brainstorming .
  19. Oops, people replied . I'm sorry but I've been busy with other parts of the tool so I didn't notice... Now then... Yup that's what I do. Not an option here I'm afraid, a pre-computed palette is required. I suggested this but maybe he'll listen if it's coming from someone like you rather than me Yeah I know, I'm against franken-code like this, at the beginning it was a really simple line, but I kept adding stuff to it to see if it worked (as a proof-of-concept). I'll probably revisit that chunk of code tomorrow and make it less horrible! Thanks for the tips, all (also on IRC)! Finally, for reference, here's a sample output for the r,g,b values using my routine (left) and the reference palette (right). I'll have another look tomorrow. 0 39 15 0 39 15 0 36 14 0 37 14 0 34 13 0 33 12 0 32 12 0 31 11 0 30 11 0 29 09 0 28 10 0 27 08 0 26 9 0 25 07 0 24 8 0 23 06 0 22 7 0 21 05 0 19 6 0 19 04 0 17 5 0 17 03 0 15 4 0 15 02 0 13 3 0 13 02 0 11 2 0 11 01 0 9 1 0 9 01
  20. A new jaguar fan is born !

    Awesome release
  21. Happy Xmas !!

    I'll let mr Schulz do the talking:
  22. Software reset?

    Just out of curiosity I had a quick peek at the 68000UM and found the following ways to reset the machine: Double bus error (bus error when the corresponding vector will also cause a bus error) move.l 0.w,sp move.l 4.w,-(sp) rts (registers must be zeroed I guess) Issue a RESET instruction (possible in conjunction with the above) Errr I dunno, I got bored searching around . Run a ppera patch - it should sort itself out
  23. (3) Zero ?!

    one must also send some cake! So, happy +1 man! All the best
  24. Well, since v1.3 was released, I was tinkering with JiFFI on and off in my spare time and now it's time for another release: v1.4 is out and here's the changelog: v1.4 is probably going to be the last major update of this program, only bug fixes and additions to the CRC32 and patch tables are now planned. This program has come a long way till its humble v1.0 release and more or less every feature we (Reboot) have discussed about has been implemented. We do feel it's doing more than enough as is .