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  1. You can mirror anything on that page. It has some Linux bootable dev cd's also.
  2. Nice list. For now use this link to go to my Jaguar files. http://www.hillsoftware.com/files/atari/jaguar/ I got rid of wordpress and haven't had time to set something else up.
  3. Developing in "C" in windows xp

    Nice work GroovyBee! Glad to see some people using the VBCC I threw together for the Jag. I really should update it. But to be honest I didn't think people were using it anymore. I may take some time in the coming weeks to update it.
  4. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    My old jagdev archive on my site (the old Windows 9X tools) has all the old binaries from Atari. aln and mac are in there
  5. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    Using Seb's library with VBCC proved to be problematic. It is fixable, but I never spent the time to mess with it. One thing you could use Starcat if you want to play with the removers library is my bootable Linux GUI CD on my website. You burn it to a CD and boot it with your PC. It loads up a fully working Linux based dev environment. It has working versions of mac,aln,rdbjag,wdb, smac,sln, vbcc, and gcc. The removers library is already installed and setup correctly. Also skunk tools too. It gives you a lot of options since you can use gcc, vbcc, mac/aln or smac/sln. I also include a GUI code editor which can call your makefiles and reset a skunkboard. Boots fully from CD and doesn't modify your HD. Although you can access you HD with it if you wish to build projects stored on your Windows partition. Here is a video of it in action. http://vimeo.com/7270758 The CD is on my site. http://www.hillsoftware.com
  6. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    Its there now!
  7. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    The link seems to be to the original archive still, no source. Unless I am missing something.
  8. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    I wasn't referring to the ULS stuff. Not interested in that. I would rather encrypt my own CD knowing exactly what is on it, my own splash, etc. I was talking about the skunboard encryption code fix.
  9. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    No rush. I will check it out when he posts the source. I don't encrypt many JagCD's anymore, but would be willing to port it to Linux/OS X if people want. Course if you guys are handling that, even better.
  10. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    Would still like to see the skunkboard CD encryption program/code released. While the ULS sounds nice, I still like being able to encrypt my own CD.
  11. Reboot : 1 JagCD : 0

    Congrats on the release.
  12. Unpacking rout

    You going to make it part of your Removers Lib?
  13. Everyone, I am happy to announce testing seems to have gone well. So I am releasing both the Windows and OS X (x86 only for now) version of skunkGUI. If you haven't heard of skunkGUI check out the following video for a brief demo of it. This version has more features than the one in the video, but it covers many features. http://www.vimeo.com/7416421 The Windows version has an installer that takes care of installation (and uninstall if you don't like it smile.gif ). The OS X version requires unzipping and dragging the Icon to your Apps folder. Everything is installed for you with Windows, and everything is bundled in the app on OS X. So fire it up, and enjoy. Let me know what you think of it. Go to the below URL and click on the downloads section. http://www.hillsoftware.com
  14. skunkGUI released for Windows and OS X (x86/ppc)

    Just to announce that an OS X PPC version has been posted. Also I updated my OS X universal build of the jcp utility to the latest version. So if you prefer to use the command line jcp and haven't built the latest version yourself, you can download my build. Included in the archive for the jcp utility is the libusb drivers needed. Drivers for 10.4 10.5 and 10.6 are included. Enjoy!
  15. Everyone, Posting this here since I want everyone to see it. Even those these two CD's are good for developers, they also have benefit to just the hobbyist too. Today I just officially released two ISO images of live bootable CD's of my Jaguar development setups. One is text only based and geared towards systems with low memory. You need at least 48MB to boot it. The second is a full blown graphical user interface that needs 256MB of memory. Both load entirely from CD and use only your RAM. No files are installed on the hard drive. You can however access your hard drive(s) partitions if you wish. So why might you need these? Well if you have a Windows 2K/XP system and are having trouble with the Atari tools running properly, or you have an older system you want to use with a skunkboard, but only have an old Windows 9X installation on it, these CD'c can prove useful. If you just don't want to go through the setup and configuration of a developers setup it might just be for you. So what do you get when you boot from these? Here is what the text mode live CD offers. All setup and working. Linux GCC compiler (so you can compile linux console based programs) GCC for 68K VBCC for the 68K (I offer both compilers so you have your choice on what you want to use) mac (atari macro assembler) aln (atar linker) smac and sln (SubQ's version of the above two tools) jcp (for downloading and flashing either rev skunkboard) Removers Library and Jaguar Library (Seb's libraries that really make getting into C programming for Jag developers easy) Seb's rmvjcp (custom version of jcp that works with seb's library above) converter (Seb's image converted utility) wdb/rdbjag (Atari's debuggers for Alpine users) bjl downloaders (for BJL users who wish to send code to their Jaguar) unrar/unzip/wget/minicom/midnight commander/sshfs,hexdump (and much more basic linux stuff) wget mentioned above is a nice little console app to let you download things from the internet or local net without needing a browser sshfs mentioned above lets you mount secure file systems on other system Now the GUI version (my favorite version) contains all the above plus. Programmers editor. This is a nice syntax highlighting editor that I have customized to allow you to build your projects, download to your skunk, bjl jag, or alpine from the editor, and reset your Jaguar from the editor. The editor also lets you jump automatically to the line with an error during compilation or assembly. Makes for an awesome development environment. Also other gui based apps on here. Firefox for browsing website (flash is installed) Filezilla (ftp client) X-Chat 2 (irc client) Transmission (bittorrent client) VNC Viewer and server picture viewers gui hex editor k3b ( nero like burning software) cdrecord (this isn't a gui, but can be used for burning CD's for Jaguar encryption) Microsoft RDC app All the benefits you get from a GUI (graphic file system browser, network browser, calculator, etc,etc) Both CD's should detect most PC hardware. So your wired network port, sound card, video card, wireless network card, etc should all be detected unless you have some real weird piece of hardware. The text based CD doesn't look for sound card, graphic video modes, since it doesn't use them. Even if you have no desire to develop for the Jaguar these CD's offer some benefits. If your PC ever has trouble (virus's, hard drive crash, windows won't boot, etc) you can boot this CD and be able to use your skunk, alpine, etc. If you want to play with beta rom's out there, or recompile something someone posted source to, you can just fire this CD up and go at it. Besides booting this CD on your PC, you could also boot it with a virtualization program like VMware Player. So if you have a Windows XP/2K box and you don't want to reboot to use one of these CD's, you can boot the CD under XP/2K with VMWare Player and use it develop for the jaguar. Vmware will even virtualize your parallel port and allow you to run wdb, rdbjag, or bjl under the virtual machine. Booting the livecd will be the best method in my opinion, but you have options. So how do you get them? Go to my website at http://www.hillsoftware.com and go to the download section and look in the Jaguar category. Also I did two videos showing both CD's in action.. The links are at my website , but I will link to them below also. I have had a couple people inquire about paying me to make these CD's and while I appreciate the offer, it is not needed. If you wish and you find these live cd's useful you can click on the donate button on my website and give whatever you want that will be used towards my web hosting fees. But that is not required. Video demoing text based live linux cd http://www.vimeo.com/7266294 Video demoing GUI based live linux cd http://www.vimeo.com/7270758 You can view the videos full screen to get a better view of them. I like vimeo because you can also download the video with a link on the bottom right of the page. If you like to download videos for offline viewing I recommend getting it within a week of this post. Vimeo keeps my original version on their server for 1 week. After that the download option downloads the slightly lower quality version you see in your browser. The videos are nothing fancy, and I didn't prepare a script or anything. They are pretty much off the cuff, and my microphone kept getting lose and sliding down (but you get to hear me breathing some that way!). If you play with these CD's or just liked the videos, let me know. Enjoy!
  16. So did you try clicking on the K menu button bottom left of desktop, then go to development group, and then select scite? Does anything happen when you do that? Also try launching a konsole and then type "scite" and hit enter. Does it come up then?
  17. Hey guys. Check out my video at http://www.vimeo.com/7416421 It is a little video (in HD too, so it looks great full screen) that shows the install of the program and some basic usage. It is currently in testing, and I have a few features I have added since I made the video, with a couple more features left to add. But release is close. Check out the video and let me know what you think! p.s. I pretty much have it feature locked for the first release. It should hit the streets tomorrow, barring some glaring bugs. Some features added since the video. 1) Option to dump either ROM bank to disk 2) Program remembers last path used for jag files so you don't have to always change from the skunkgui dir to where you have your files. 3) Busy indicator to let you know the jcp utility is doing its thing. More cosmetic since you can see your Jag screen activity and know things are happening, but I like having the busy indicator on the GUI too. 4) Miscellaneous little things. After the first release has had some testing by the Windows users, I will release Linux and OS X versions also. They will function identical to the Windows version. So stay tuned, the first release is coming soon!
  18. To load scite you don't need the Konsole. Just click on the K icon at the bottom left, go to the "development" group and select SciTE If that doesn't bring it up, how much memory does the PC have? Maybe your running out of memory? If you wish you can launch it from the Konsole too. Just type "scite" and hit enter. If there are any errors during the loading of it, they might be displayed on the konsole and I might be able to help troubleshoot better. Also if it is a memory issue, there are a few things we can take out of the GUI cd and rebuild and burn to shrink it down size wise. Also (you probably already know this) but the text based smalled live CD doesn't support scite. You have to have the GUI live CD version. Let me know how it goes.
  19. Thanks guys! Also since I am on a roll I have just released an archive for OS X users (x86 only for now). The archive contains the VBCC compiler suite, smac, sln, jcp , a sample you can compile and download to your Jaguar, and various Atari samples and documentation. So now OS X users can get going on Jag development! If there is any interest in PPC binaries I can look into it. But for now you need an x86 OS X machine.
  20. Also I just released an archive for existing linux users. It contains all the tools, examples, docs etc that are contained on the live cd's. So if you are already using Linux this is a nice archive. If you already have the dev tools setup on your Linux box, you can still grab this archive for the VBCC compiler contained in it. Enjoy.
  21. VBCC for Jaguar

    I rebuilt the latest vbcc/vasm/vlink and made the necessary tweaks to get it working well for the Jaguar. Built versions for Windows and Linux. They all seem to work very well. When seb has his removers library updated for Linux I will archive up the Linux build of it everything and put it on my web site. The Windows version is good to go and is an installer that updates my previous release on my website (or does a full install if you haven't installed the older version). If there are any interested testers for the Windows version let me know.
  22. VBCC for Jaguar

    Yeah they are. Frank will probably send you the source. Very nice guy. The latest sources are not posted since the vbcc main author controls that. He doesn't even let Frank post the latest vbcc sources on his site. I just did a Linux build of all three sources (vbcc, vasm, vlink). I will be updating my Windows dev installer with those binaries when I recompile for Windows
  23. VBCC for Jaguar

    Binary makes it easier for building the CD quickly (if thats not too much trouble for you). As for vbcc... You can get the latest snapshot at http://www.compilers.de/vbcc.html Get the vasm snapshot at http://sun.hasenbraten.de/vasm/ And the vlink snapshot at http://sun.hasenbraten.de/vlink/ Honestly though for Linux and OS X based systems I think it is better to stick with GCC. For Windows users vbcc is a much easier to setup environment, but vbcc still has some issues with some source. The guys behind vbcc are constantly working on improving it, but I have pretty much stuck to GCC on Linux and OS X because of the reliability. vbcc is supposedly one of the easier compilers to retarget to other architectures, so for someone with the time and knowledge it would be possible to retarget vbcc for the RISC's in the Jag.
  24. VBCC for Jaguar

    Sure, no problem. When you update the library I will update the working live CD I have now. Once I get a couple testers after that, I can make it available to the masses. I take it your Jaguar C library is up to date?
  25. VBCC for Jaguar

    Well Frank did most of the work. I just gave him info on the Jaguar, and he did some source work. Then all I had to do was retarget for Windows and tweak a few things. Seb, do you care if I include your library on a live linux CD for Jag development?