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The Jaguar Server is a independent Atari Jaguar Development Solution by Roine Stenberg - Istari Software.

This page will bring you news, updates and information about the Jaguar Server project and related items.

The Jaguar Server is an unofficial development tool that provides you with the hardware and software needed to create your very own programs for the amazing 64-bit Atari Jaguar Interactive Multimedia System, using an ordinary Atari Computer connected through the cartridge port.

Jaguar Server Hardware for the Atari computer.

001229 - First - sorry for the lack of updates in the past 1.5 years!!
Every once in a while a get an E-mail about the Jaguar Server. I think it´s about time that I write something about it´s status here.
I have built my last Jaguar Server and they are no longer availible.
But as people still have some interest in the the Jaguar I am thinking about doing a large update to this site with sourcecode, development tools etc. Lets see what happens in the near future!I
My e-mail adress is still

990521 - Well, another year has passed since the last update...
I´ve got a few E-mails these past two weeks about the status of the Jaguar Server. I guess that Realityman´s new Emulator project got some people interested in this almost forgotten console named "Atari Jaguar". Some people asks about the PC-version. I´m very sorry to say that I never finished it. I did the first few steps on a prototype on a breadboard but I lost interest in it when Atari died. I will NEVER finish it now..... Also, I still have 8 breadboards for the Jaguar Server lying here, but no components on them at the moment. Have no clue on what to do with them at the moment..... Some people might still be interested perhaps ? I´ve also updated all the filelinks (I think), happy downloading.

Jaguar Server Information

Jaguar connected to an Atari ST 1040 computer.

Other Useful Jaguar/Atari Hacking/Program Links

Download Area
Jaguar Server main program & Atari development tools...
(some of these programs are still under copyrights but as they are no longer sold, I see no reason for not spreading them.
If some company feels offended, please write me and i´ll remove them at once)

jserv108.zip 24 KB Server program update only. Current version is 1.08.
c_js_108.zip 434 KB The complete Jaguar Server package including program examples
and full documentation.
jagdev.zip 2710 KB Ok, guys, let´s prey that Atari has closed down, and don´t mind this...
The _complete_ (as far as I know) Atari Development Kit (Atari version)
Lot´s of utilitys, assemblers, linkers, sources and other stuff.
bin2risc.zip 3 KB GPU/DSP disassembler by Johannes Graf.
tj_ass.zip 24 KB Another Jaguar GPU/DSP assembler by 42Bastian Schick.
codeass.zip 199 KB Sven´s great GPU/DSP assembler with an example source for playing
samples with the DSP.
devpac31.zip 411 KB Devpac 3.10 is the best 68000 Assembler there is. Fast and with plenty
of features. The prefered Jaguar main assembler.
lc_560.zip 1944 KB Lattice C is a very good C-compiler for 68000 code. Does NOT
produce code for the Jaguar at the moment cause of a new
startup library has to be written first.
easyrid4.zip 83 KB VERY good 68000 disassembler. Does not run with the Gemulator,
but Pacifist runs it fine.
jagcc.zip 538 KB C-compiler for the Jaguar GPU/DSP.
.EXE files for the PC running the C-compiler DJGPP (freeware)

Jaguar Games...
(Click on the number in the right column to see some screenshots)

painter.zip 34 KB Qix clone game from Sinister Developments. 1 2 3
jstetris.zip 121 KB Tetris clone for the Jaguar Server by 42Bastian Schick. 1
jagmania.zip 32 KB (New version) Pacmania preview for the Jaguar
by Matthias Domin.
1 2 3

Other Jaguar programs, sources and utils...

colors.zip 2 KB A little program to view the 256 CrY-colours.
Using the left/right/down/up-button you can choose the Chroma-part.
Use the C-/A-button to choose Luminance.
Press PAUSE to quit.
jagmouse.zip 11 KB Same as colors.zip, but uses a mouse instead. Source included.

Atari Emulators for DOS, Win 3.11 or Win95/NT.
This enables you to assemble Jaguar programs on a PC, but a REAL Atari is still needed
for upload of the Jaguar program...

gem96dem.zip 253 KB Gemulator ´96 - Version 4.5 - Atari Emulator.
Demo version doesn't support the more advanced features, such as 4, 8, and
14-megabyte support (you are limited to emulating at most 2 megabytes of
Atari memory). It also does not support the blitter emulation, sound,
the full screen mode, the 68000 debugger, and some of the acceleration options.
Additional information can be obtained from Emulators Inc
Only needs an additional TOS file to work (see tosdump.zip or swe_tos.zip

175 KB
The new 4.6 demoversion. It´s not that much that is different, but it´s the latest.
This version only works on Win95 & NT and does not have Printer support.

170 KB
It´s now for FREE - The OLD version of Gemulator for DOS. Old, but has
almost ALL of the features of the new 96 version. And runs better on slower
tosdump.zip 5 KB To get the Gemulator Demo to work, you need a TOS (operating system)
dump from a REAL Atari computer. This program dumps the ROM image
to disc. Just rename the file to MAGIC_PC.OS and place it in the ROOT
directory of your Gemulator boot drive. Then make the Gemulator search
for the MagiC PC operating system at bootup.
a_util1.zip 35 KB A bunch of "good to have" Atari Utilitys such as:
VGAWIN - Place in the \AUTO folder of your bootdisc. Resolutions above
640*400 are then possible.
SLECTRIC - A good fileselector replacement.
swe_tos.zip 130 KB For those without access to a real Atari to use tosdump.zip on, a dump of the
Swedish TOS 2.06 are availible for download here.

Some Jaguar Hacker E-mail addresses:
If you have anything to do with the Jaguar and want your name here, please write!

Roine Stenberg (ICQ 2038990) - Author of the Jaguar Server Development Kit.
Sven Karlsson - CODEASS GPU/DSP assembler.
Nat - Jaguar Technical reference manuals.
Steve Scavone - Jaguar Shareware movement.
Joshua Kuhl - Jaguar Shareware movement and Linux freak.
Matthias Domin - Author of the game "Jagmania".
Johan Klockars - Swedish Falcon/Jaguar hacker.
Johannes Graf - Author of the GPU/DSP disassembler..

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