History on what's new on the Jaguar Server Home Page?

9 May ´97 Changed to my new E-mail adress and made a link to Duranik Software.
11 April ´97 Added some new Atari development programs and updated a little bit here and a little bit there :-)
20 Jan ´97 There is TWO new demoversions of the Atariemulator.
One version for Win95 & NT and one (older) for DOS. Try them out, they are good!
12 Nov ´96 Added my Powwow adress ! This enables me to communicate in realtime with other
people while I´m on the Net. I´m usally on almost every day sometime between
21:00-23:00 (Local Swedish Time). My Powwow adress is rafkas@mbox200.swipnet.se
31 Oct ´96 Added Bastian´s TJASS assembler in the download section.
19 Oct ´96 CodeAss 0.48 is out. It´s Sven´s GPU/DSP assembler. A link is provided.
5 Oct ´96 Added the Swedish TOS ROM image for those that want to run the Gemulator, but
don´t have access to a real Atari computer to dump the operating system from. Also, the
jagmouse.zip file was added.
28 Sept ´96 Added info about the Gemulator ´96 Demo. Also Downloadable..
1 Sept ´96 Added a new version of Jagmania and some screenshots of the games. Thanks to
Matthias Domin for the screenshots!
26 August ´96 Wrong author ! 42Bastian Schick wrote the Tetris clone, not Martin Zimmer! Changed!
20 August ´96 Moved page counter to bottom of page.
Added two new programs. A game and a cry color util.
14 May ´96 Added a What´s new section on the main page.
Added clickable server pictures to bring up bigger ones.
31 May ´96 Did a rescan of the hardware pictures added on 27 of May. They look much better now.
27 May ´96 Added a new logo and two scanned pictures of the Jaguar Server Hardware.
14 May ´96 Added some text and pictures on how to modify your Jaguar by yourself. Hope it´s
easy to understand how it´s done...
24 April ´96 MAJOR rework of the pages. Lots of new pages and info added.
8 Mars ´96 The Jaguar Underground Documentation is now located at Nat!'s Legasthenic Legacy.
1 Mars ´96 The docs were updated again.
27 Feb ´96 Did some restructuring, watch out for new paths.
HTMLized those docs that weren't.
Removed the background picture due to complaints.
Added the correct suffix (.HTML) to all doc files.
25 Feb ´96 Version 1.08 of the Jaguar Server is now available from the download area.
20 Feb ´96 Added a new link to the excellent Kitten Litter Jaguar page.
Added a new link to the official Battle Sphere home page.
12 Feb ´96 Yet more docs updated and corrected.
9 Feb ´96 Another dose of fresh docs.
3 Feb ´96 The technical documents were updated.
29 Jan ´96 This page was first created.
A Tetris game for the Jaguar Server was added to the download area.
The technical documents were updated. (Thanks Nat!)

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