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U-235 SoundEngine release


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Finally here :) This is a Beta release, there are things that I am not 100% happy with, but then I am apparently never happy with my code :D


So, want a full featured, supported, DSP Sound Engine for your project? for free ?


Check it out http://www.u-235.co.uk/se/index.php


Feedback and bug reports welcome, I have a list of things to do on this as long as my arm already so keep checking back for new updates and releases.


Big huge thanks to the other guys of U-235 and also to the chaps of Reboot and Jagware, excellent help, ideas and hints throughout as well as some top laughs! Cheers guys.

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Version 0.15 now released with some changes and improvements.


Now with selectable playback frequencies of 8,12,16,24 or 32 kHz!


PLEASE NOTE! Higher frequencies are more sensative to bus latency and will sound wrong if the main bus is being utilized by higher priority CPUs, this is a known bug that I am working to address.



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10 points to the person who can find the obvious bug in release 0.15 first :D


It's nothing major, so don't worry it's not like it's going to eat your face :D


I have fixed this already but will hold on releasing update until I have fixed all the new bugs I have crafted into the build at the mo :)

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I am making some significant changes to the SoundEngine interface, these should make for more intuitive API calls without you having to do any linkomaths before playing a sample! (I am porting the LinkoMaths into the RISC code).


What will this mean?

- The dropping of the periodXX lookup tables,

- The removal of some internal hackery,

- More accurate module pitch bends and slides,

- Removing the dependancy of mod parsing code on specific SE commands

- The removal of those SE commands completely

- Being able to simply specify a sample frequency to play at to the API and it doing the hard work for you!


The future? These are just ideas I have that this change will potentially make possible, how feasible they are I won't know right now, but

- The ability to switch to a new playback rate whilst the engine is running without (hopefully) any/much distortion to active audio

- Dynamic adaptive playback adjustments! (this one is likely a way off and possibly a pipe dream, but I think possible...)


Once I have completed this chunk of work I should hopefully be able to complete more of the missing mod parser effects. 2012 is going to be busy :D

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OK, looks like I may have stuffed up the release of 0.17 somehow :/ I will confirm and rectify as needed when I get home. Sorry about this.. I'll post again when I have an update..

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OK, more on this.. I haven't stuffed the release of 0.17! YAY! It seems I have possibly tickled a bug in SLN!


For my test I have assembled main.o with madmac.


I have then linked with ALN, and also linked a version with SLN using the same binary blobs (main.o and dsp.o) which were produced by MAC.


The output from ALN works as intended, the output from SLN doesn't. I think SLN is introducing an alignment issue within the DSP code.

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Version 0.18 released (changelog), Major rewrite of the sond rendering code. Smaller, faster and now with greater tollerance of bus latency.
Does it make your laundry whiter than white, too ? :D


YES! *


* actual claims maybe 100% through the teeth fibs



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Music is good for you !!


Now you can select between SebRmv player and Linkovitch's one. That's a very good think, two very good free module players. No excuse for don't including music in your games. Except Fadest who got a good excuse (Private joke !)




GT :poulpe:

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Bah... The Jag is like the Lynx : mp3 compliant :o


Btw, I have an even better excuse, I'm overbooked right now and have no time and no will to take some time to code :(

But congrats to you Linko for doing this great (but futile :D) sound engine.



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Version 0.20 released (changelog), Fixed bug with looped samples making small sample loops sound horribly off-key, Vibrato & vol slide added, added a pseudo random number generator...


U235 SoundEngine Homepage



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Now includes joypad reading feature.
Are you sure it's still a sound engine, or are you trying to compete with Raptor? :D




I am hoping there is some sanity in the Jag design in that the DSP reading the joystick regs won't touch the main bus (as they exist within the DSP address space), a small part of my mind suspects that it probably grabs hold of the main bus anyway for this.. but I hope not :)

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