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  1. [codename S.p.a.c.e] Development Log Topic

    Thanks, I have found the last binary version, don't know if I put it here many years ago, so I put it right now. Construction should be working, the game was too "slow" in my opinion, too much turns at the start to build your economy, and there is this problem of memory corruption that occured after 1 or 2 hours. And no save of course... Space.bin
  2. Don't expect to learn something useful from this, but here are the lastest version of source code for Dazed vs and Blackhole. Remember that both games have mostly been coded in a one day&night effort during an AC event, so nothing has been pu on paper before, and most evrything is coded with GT favorite methode : "La Rache"... Dazed could be a kind of Match-3 game but with some twist that has never been copied (and if you try, you will find why) BlackHole is a Space War like game, up to 8 players (but honestly, never tested with 8 jagpads), IIRC there is only the game engine Dazed_source.zip Blackhole_source.zip
  3. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    Ok, don't know if one could find some interest in this, but here is what is probably the lastest version of source code of Project W. It should works with rotaries IIRC (with automatic detection), but not tested recently (the .bin file is also included in the archive) I probably coulnd't be of any help if someone try to lose his mental health by reading it... ProjectW_source.zip
  4. [codename S.p.a.c.e] Development Log Topic

    Sorry, no more Jaguar at home, and no will to come back to Jaguar coding right now. I kept all the ideas of this game somewhere, maybe it may revive on another (plat)form.
  5. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    Remember the game was made in something like 12 hours, during night, so the code is really crappy. I guess that a talented and motivated coder should better start from scratch. With the new tools available for the Jaguar, it sould be done pretty quickly... But it will not be me as I have my Jaga 2 years ago, maybe I still have the sourcecode somewhere, but belive me : it is really useless and crappy (can't imagine how many ugly coding things one can do at 5am...)
  6. An Amiga who run nicely !?!

    @GT : if you want an Amiga at home, I can give you one next time we meet, but be careful, the Falcon is usually very jealous and try to suicide itself %)
  7. U-235 SoundEngine release

    Bah... The Jag is like the Lynx : mp3 compliant Btw, I have an even better excuse, I'm overbooked right now and have no time and no will to take some time to code But congrats to you Linko for doing this great (but futile ) sound engine.

    I had the same problem, fortunately, SCPCD repaired it. Kskunk told me that he could make a patch to use one of the other USB port (a modded BJL jag would have been required in order to flash the skunkboard), but he probably didn't write it as I found another solution.
  9. [codename S.p.a.c.e] Development Log Topic

    This is not cancelled but I have not ork on this for a (long) while. There are still some things to do for technology, to implement the market, but the biggest problem is that last time I tested it for a long time, I had memory corruption and program crashes, so I need to find why, but it is not easy to play for 1 hour or 2 in order to make a (nearly random) bug appear, and having to retry if I don't find why... And of course, there are still no AI, and this will be a big job to implement.
  10. Kobayashi Maru

    Petit souci de copier/coller ?
  11. AC 2011

    The Superfly special pad was your work, right ? It is really nice, and it's very fun to play Superfly with it.
  12. AC 2011

    This is a great idea, maybe we could make a burning Jag cartridges juggling contest
  13. OSX Assembler & Linker for Jag

    It is said it will not be the classic Tetris as found on Game Boy. It could be The Next Tetris, Tetris Gaiden (which is used for RGC contests), Tetrisnoid (in fact, I guess it will not be this one ) or the silly thing I would like to do
  14. OSX Assembler & Linker for Jag

    Hi Linkovitch, Just to tell you that the theme of the coding challenge of the AC has been revealed : it will be Tetris. So you can start working on graphs, assets & code if you want. Specific rules should be known at the beginning of the context if I understood correctly.
  15. Help VBI randomness!

    another idea... Are you sure the new file use CR+LF as line end characters ? Some code editors can detect format of existing files (in fact reuse same line character) but use their own setup by default ? So maybe your 2 files are not really the same (do they have the same size in bytes ?)