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  1. What a great day !!!!

    Thanks a lot man !!
  2. This is the 3D day !!

    Happy +1 !!!!
  3. U-235 SoundEngine release

    And a random number generator too !!! ^^ Thanks a lot for your sound engine Mr Linko-soundmaster-vitch !
  4. What a great day !!!!

    Oupsssss Thanks a lot my friends !!!! \o/
  5. U-235 SoundEngine release

  6. Doom, Quake, etc...

    Happy +1 Mr Data !
  7. Gt Is The Man Of The Day

    Happy +1 Mister !!!
  8. A new jaguar fan is born !

    Excellent !! \o/
  9. Matmook's day !!

    Donc-y-donc ! Thanks all ! \o/
  10. Matmook's day !!

    \o/ Thanks !
  11. AnotherĀ³ Birthday !!!

    Oups, Happy +1 !
  12. AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahiezhihfdhfhgf !!

    Oops, Happy +1 Mister !
  13. Forcing 60 Hz mode on PAL Jaguars

    Thanks for the tip Zerosquare, I'll do binary for testing !
  14. Dance Dance Xirius Dance Party

    JagCF, I don't remember... it's a new project ?
  15. Dance Dance Xirius Dance Party

    ^^ it's coming, please wait !
  16. C under Win98, Removers Libs vs Raptor Lib

    Yop ! If you want to use Seb's library, you could download on his website the JagStation. It's a VirtualBox Image containing everything you need (pre-built and ready to build ). Raptor use mac/aln or smac/sln to work. About mixing Seb's library and Raptor, I don't think it's a good idea because they don't work the same way. It's up to you to choose which engine use. In all case, Raptor or Seb's library allow you to quickly create something (init, display, sound, ... a lot of things are allready done).
  17. Tranparency and RMW bit

  18. Tranparency and RMW bit

    Yes, there's a mixed RGB/CRY mode where you can use both CRY and RGB objects in the same list. In fact it's per-pixel, so you could even have a sprite using CRY for some of its pixels and RGB for others. The downside is that you lose one bit color precision, which is used to select between CRY and RGB modes : in RGB mode it's the LSB of the green channel (so you get 5:5:5 RGB instead of 5:6:5) ; in CRY mode, it's the LSB of the Y part (so you get 128 levels of brightness instead of 256). In which context we could use a bitmap made of RGB and CRY pixel ?
  19. Tranparency and RMW bit

    I use RMW bit for "shadows" in CRY mode. I make a simple picture in low colors. I then convert it to an .S file using tga2cry (in 1/2/4bit/pixel) mode. Next step is to edit this .S file to alter the colormap information and remove the "color" component C and R... And finaly I make some test using different Y value depending of the background (to avoid saturation effects).
  20. Burning Eproms

    it isnt actually.... its defined within the cart loader program... i can however relocate this.. Do you think it may hve to do with the transition from a stop obj to a real list by chance? waiting until an interrupt completes now prior to loading in the list is how ive got it setup at the moment, but this is within the program thats loaded to ram. one the loader program dumps the binary file to ram it that program in ram takes over and finishes setting up a few system settings. Ill see if i can post a snip of code of how i have it setup at the moment when i get home. It's just an idea but : a) jag start in ROM loader is launched (your stop(0) object is in ROM) c) loading is finished d) you jump in ram (the OP is still "stoping" in ROM) e) your game/code do some init with the sound and the video (but will probably change the bus mode too...) just an idea...
  21. Burning Eproms

    Yop ! Hum, quick idea... Is the stop object of your loader program in RAM ?
  22. SCPCD-day

    Ohhh \o/ Happy +1 !
  23. Happy Birthday sh3-rg

    Happy +1 !