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  1. Self publish or Not?

    Perhaps you could start a RNG at the start of the game, and let it run until the player starts the game, use whatever value it has as the seed for the procedural content? That way you are adding a small amount of entropy to the mix (based on how long they wait until they start the game) ? Or perhaps have that prefill the values and give them the option to randomize or enter their own level code? Cunning way of implementing a save system and randomizer though squire
  2. U-235 SoundEngine release

    Yeah, that, exactly that, that's why I did it honest... What.. wait why you all looking at me like that?? :D Glad it polls both pads simultaneously now, was worth the extra OCD effort Explains why writing storew to the JOYSTICK address actually writes a word and not a long too! Pesky Jaguar internals, might expose a mechanism to reduce the resolution in future. (It's only 60Hz at the mo, so nothing epic)
  3. Self publish or Not?

    If you are procedurally generating environments, then you could probably store pre-defined set of 'locations' in ROM easily by just storing the seed value for your RNG used for generating the environments...
  4. U-235 SoundEngine release

    Are you sure it's still a sound engine, or are you trying to compete with Raptor? I am hoping there is some sanity in the Jag design in that the DSP reading the joystick regs won't touch the main bus (as they exist within the DSP address space), a small part of my mind suspects that it probably grabs hold of the main bus anyway for this.. but I hope not
  5. Self publish or Not?

    I'd second what CJ said. In the process of working on your game you may find it ends up smaller than you planned for one thing, or you may discover some techniques to reduce the storage footprint. Make the best you can, you can then edit it as required. I am sure once you are at the point of nearing completing and have a good understanding of what you actually have you will be able to find someone to help with the publishing of it.
  6. U-235 SoundEngine release

    Version 0.21 released (changelog), Small update. Now includes joypad reading feature. U235 SoundEngine Homepage
  7. Jaguar Sector II - closed!

    I imagine a great deal of the files are available elsewhere anyway. Anything particular you were looking for?
  8. U-235 SoundEngine release

    Version 0.20 released (changelog), Fixed bug with looped samples making small sample loops sound horribly off-key, Vibrato & vol slide added, added a pseudo random number generator... U235 SoundEngine Homepage
  9. New Jaguar graphics convertor (Windows)

    For me 20MB isn't much, especially in this day and age. My small (by today's standards) HDD is 160GB, the OS takes several GB of that, so, for me at least 20MB is nothing. I just wanted something that with very little effort can load any image format, rather than just the ones I could think of. Also it gives me access to a variety of filters and image processing methods too, so I can add those as well if I wish. I wrote this tool for myself primarily part as a need, part because I wanted to play with C++, I decided to release it because I find it useful, and others who have seen it have expressed an interest. It may not be for everyone, but the more options available I am sure you can agree is better than fewer choices.
  10. New Jaguar graphics convertor (Windows)

    That is a library from ImageMagicK.. have you installed the ImageMagicK libraries? if so which version?
  11. Just finished fixing up a couple of outstanding bugs in a graphics converter tool I started writing a couple of years ago. Just taken a while for me to bother fixing it It's by no means complete (or bug free I imagine) and I have a few features to add in and de-kink yet. But Ithought I'd put it out here and get some initial early feedback from it. It uses ImageMagicK to allow it to read pretty much ALL file formats (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF etc etc), and supports Jag formats down as low as 1bit images and up to 16 bit images (dont' think I have added 32bit yet ) Anyway, enough waffle, I need my sleep. You can get the file from here: http://www.u-235.co.uk/gfxconv/gfxconv-0.02.zip With a very very small changelog here: http://www.u-235.co.uk/gfxconv/changelog-0.02.txt Please don't host these files anywhere else, by all means link to these files. Thanks
  12. A.C. 2013

    Ah cool! someone made a video of the Battle Barge driving to the event last year
  13. A.C. 2013

    So for the English the rules are simply "Bottom!" HUR HUR HUR I'll go and dig out the DVDs and get swotting up
  14. A.C. 2013

    YAY! I think I managed to complete the registration form challenge!
  15. Removers's MOD Player vs U-235 Sound Engine

    Oops! sorry not been paying attention too much to the scene.. My email address on my website should work though.. linkovitch@u-235.co.uk ?? Did you solve all the U235SE problems? (just been pointed at this thread) Just checked, and the config for that mailbox was wiped out in a server crash! DOH! sorry (the info@ one!) my bad! Have fixed that now, sorry for cockup