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A.C. is finished and two new games are started !!

GT Turbo

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The A.C. surely one of the last Atari party in France is finished.


Two new games are in the starting blocks !!


Fadest have started a really great 8 players game called Black Hole, i think that will be a MUST HAVE !! So everybody need to contact Fadest for telling him : Please finish it very soon !!


and the magic duo Matmook / Gregg have started a really funny and candyful game called Dragibug Attack !!


(Zero you've got screenshoot from this two new called,please post it when you can, thanks :)




GT :poulpe:

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I'm also sure that Baby :poulpe: Poulpe will also be a great addition to Falcon library (maybe a STE version also) ?


Fadest, back in hibernation for 12 months, the person you try to contact is not available right now :asleep:







C Vitamin is Superior to Dragibus !! (@Fadest) C.V. Rules !!




GT :poulpe:


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It looks as nice event. Unfortunately I couldn't come this time. Hope I will join you on next party.

Yep, that's nice. But is it worth to come from Czech Republic ? Only you can tell. It can be worth if you spent some days in Paris. Nevertheless, you will be welcome to discover things you couldn't imagine about old games' world.

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