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Haute Résolution Sur Jaguar (et Mode Entrelacé)


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Merci Zerosquare pour ce début de doc. :wub:


J'ai une question, probablement bête, à quelle valeur de X commence l'affichage? X = 0 ou X = HDB ou X = ???

Sinon, dommage, j'aurais bien aimé que tu nous dises comment calculer effectivement les valeurs, mais bon... je continue d'espérer.



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Désolé d'avoir été un peu long à la détente :blush:


En réponse à ta question, X = 0 (pour les sprites) correspond au bord gauche de la zone gérée par l'OP (à l'inverse de ce qui se passe pour les Y, donc).


Voilà un bout de code d'exemple pour le mode non entrelacé (SCPCD ou GT devraient pouvoir te fournir d'autres trucs du même genre).




Sorry for the delay :blush:


To answer your question, X = 0 (for sprites) is the left edge of the area drawn by the OP (i.e. it's different from what happens for the Y values).


Here's a bit of example code for non-interlaced mode (SCPCD or GT should be able to provide you with more stuff of the same kind).



.include    "jaguar.inc"

         a_hdb:      .ds.w   1    
         a_hde:      .ds.w   1
         a_vdb:      .ds.w   1
         a_vde:      .ds.w   1

; Procedure: InitVideo (same as in vidinit.s)
;            Build values for hdb, hde, vdb, and vde and store them.
;            Original code by Atari, slight modifications and comments
;            by Zerosquare / Jagware
        movem.l d0-d6,-(sp)
        move.w  CONFIG,d0     ; Also is joystick register
        andi.w  #VIDTYPE,d0   ; 0 = PAL, 1 = NTSC
        beq     palvals

        move.w  #NTSC_HMID,d2
        move.w  #NTSC_WIDTH,d0

        move.w  #NTSC_VMID,d6
        move.w  #NTSC_HEIGHT,d4

        bra     calc_vals
        move.w  #PAL_HMID,d2
        move.w  #PAL_WIDTH,d0

        move.w  #PAL_VMID,d6
        move.w  #PAL_HEIGHT,d4

; You can modify d0 and d4 here to set the area drawn 
; by the OP (by default it fills the whole screen). It will
; be centered on the screen.         
; Warning : the horizontal values are in video clock cycles, 
; so don't forget to multiply the number of pixels by 
; PWIDTH + 1
; Check also that the VDB and VDE values used for the first 
; two stop objects in your object list are those calculated 
; here
        move.w  d0,d1
        asr     #1,d1         ; Width/2
        sub.w   d1,d2         ; Mid - Width/2
        add.w   #4,d2         ; (Mid - Width/2)+4

        sub.w   #1,d1         ; Width/2 - 1
        ori.w   #$400,d1         ; (Width/2 - 1)|$400
        move.w  d1,a_hde
        move.w  d1,HDE

        move.w  d2,a_hdb
        move.w  d2,HDB1
        move.w  d2,HDB2

        move.w  d6,d5
        sub.w   d4,d5
        move.w  d5,a_vdb

        add.w   d4,d6
        move.w  d6,a_vde

        move.w  a_vdb,VDB
        move.w  a_vde,VDE
        movem.l (sp)+,d0-d6

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Un petit "le saviez-vous ?" à propos de Tempest 2000 : on a fait des tests hier avec SCPCD, et l'option "Interlace" n'utilise pas le mode entrelacé :blink: Ça semble seulement faire trembler l'image horizontalement...



A little bit of trivia about Tempest 2000 : I did some testing yesterday with SCPCD, and it appears that the "Interlace" option does not use interlaced mode :blink: It only seems to make the picture shiver horizontally...

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I just received a contest prize today, a nice Sony LCD TV 32"

and I tested the Hires2 1376x576 demo of Zerosquare, see the result !

sorry for my digital cam, it doesn't have a good quality





still waiting for some source code Zerosquare :whistling:

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