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    J'aime jouer mais ce n'est pas très productif. Les jeux auxquels j'ai joué dans l'année sont: PES 5, Civ 4, Guild Wars, POP: The Two Thrones.<br />J'aime aussi coder. Je n'ai rien contre un bon film ou un bouquin. Il m'arrive aussi de ressortir mon violon.

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    68000, GPU, DSP Assembler Blitter (still things to learn) Also know lots of high-level languages such as C, Java, Perl, OCaml, Scheme, ... Have a good mathematical background
  1. RMAC

    I need to fill several bug reports. I have been unable to switch from MadMac to RMAC either (and feel a bit lazy to rewrite my own macro assembler ) For instance, the source code of atomic (which is available on my website) cannot be assembled with RMAC.
  2. Hello, I recently wanted to replace original Atari MadMac and ALN from my toolchain, because the available binaries for Linux are old executables which are more and more difficult to run on recent Linux distro. I failed to replace ALN by RLN because it lacks support for archive files (used to make library of objects). As I had a few days off, I decided to write my own linker using a high-level language (namely OCaml). I have reached a point where I have something that seems to work and thus I wanted to share this development with the community. The source code is available on my github repository. As I know that installing the ocaml toolchain on Windows can be a bit tedious, I have also made available on The Removers website a 32 bits binary for Windows (of the current version). I am happy to hear your feedback regarding this tool (especially Windows users, because I use myself Linux version). Seb
  3. RLN

    An alpha version is available here for Windows users. Your feedback is welcome
  4. RLN

    Thanks Shamus. Actually, I don't really need this anymore because... As I had a few days of vacation, I made my own linker using a modern language (yes, you guessed it: OCaml !) The project is hosted on github and is GPLv3. Of course, it needs a lot of testing and all that... but I managed to link some of my programs successfully, so I guess it is a good start The supported modes are (for now): - partial linking (local and debug symbols are pruned) -> O files - absolute linking -> ABS files with/without header and COFF files (no debug symbol, no relocatable segment)
  5. RLN

    Read the sources and seen that RLNPATH environment variable can be set. So I wrote a small patch to add -y flag, attached to this message. Now another question: would it be difficult to add support for linking with archive files? For the moment, I get "rmvlib.a is not a supported object file" error, which is a bit annoying... 0001_Patch_to_add_y_option.patch.zip
  6. RMAC

    I think it makes sense to create also this topic
  7. RLN

    Hello, I am trying to switch from aln to rln. I am missing one option of aln which is the flag -y <incdir> that allows to specify include directories for object and archive files. Is there some equivalent flag in rln? If not, can you please add this option? Seb
  8. What kind of bugs? I must have been lucky, but I haven't had any problems with Atari's ALN and MAC. I am not surprised that Mac/Aln are broken. But as you, I must have been lucky because I can't remember having a serious problem with Atari tools.
  9. RMAC/RLN mostly work, and when they don't - Shamus fixes them. The originals (and SMAC and SLN) are really, really broken. Especially in GPU areas. Ok, so basically, is it ok to assume that RMAC/RLN are compatible with MadMac/ALN, but have fewer bugs? (the question is: can I switch to these tools without fearing that some of my old sources won't compile/link/work...)
  10. Ok thanks! What are the (known) differences between these tools and madmac/aln ?
  11. I can't remember where to find MadMac and ALN source code? Do anyone know that?
  12. Jaguar Image Converter

    Do you use a cygwin environment? You need to take an old version of camlimages. On archlinux, I packaged this version: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/camlimages3/ I guess it should compile/work the same on windows/cygwin. I hope you manage to compile it, because I am a bit lazy to install cygwin myself. Please let me know. If you can't do it, I'll give it a try next tuesday at my office during the lunch break.
  13. Jaguar Image Converter

    Just added the --header option. The source is available on my website. It emits two words and a long corresponding to the height of the picture, the width of the picture, and the flags for the blitter (PITCH, DEPTH, WIDTH): this is to mimick tga2cry behaviour.
  14. Jaguar Image Converter

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will add the option very soon (hopefully tomorrow). What is the exact behaviour of tga2cry when the --header option is enabled? Once added, I plan to make a source release. Will you be able to build yourself the binary? I have not the compilation chain setup for windows...
  15. SCPCD-day

    Happy birthday to both of you!