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Reboot release roundup


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Last couple of months have been busy for Reboot, so here's a small recap of what's been released:


qUaKe, the qUICK uTIL aLLOWING kOLOSSAL eXHIBITIONS is a simple picture display viewer that combines 640x480 pictures. They are BPEG packed so lots can fit in a single 2 or 4mb ROM. Full source code and generator program are available, so there's no excuse - you can all create your custom shows now!


rmac and rln is a continuation of Landon Dyer and Alan Pratt's MADMAC assembler/ALN linker and Subqmod's smac/sln suite. On one hand running dosbox to assemble code isn't productive, and on the other hand we found a few bugs in smac/sln and it was a chore working around them. So, with Shamus (of Virtualjaguar fame) leading the attempt and quite a few people chipping in, we're trying to make a fast and reliable Jaguar assembler for modern machines!


Tripper: to quote the Atariage release thread:

Can 3 minutes and 34 seconds of audio and 23 320x240x256 colour pictures be compressed into a 4MB ROM? After a couple of days of fiddling around, the answer is "yes"!


We were really deeply touched that a song has been written specifically about the Atari Jaguar (by Tripper Getem here), so we figured that the best we could do was to put it in a ROM and juxtapose some pictures to depict the song's lyrics. We used the ADPCM CODEC for the audio, and we think it's a good compromise for compression vs quality.


But wait, it gets better! Not only we want to share the resulting ROM with you (attached in this post), we also went ahead and released the source code for it, so everyone can make a ROM with the song of their liking and pictures of their own!


So feel free to grab the ROM and enjoy this unique piece of music!


(P.S. the timings are spot-on on real machines. For emulators YMMV!)

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oh, I made an IMADPCM too for jaguar for Elansar :) (82 seconds to squeeze into less than 900kb), it's just not realtime (but dsp based)

I will try rmac and rln, because I had some issue with old program I made for jaguar that was using the original mac/aln and smac/sln didn't work for unknown reason.

Just noticed that the binary of rmac/rln are not available on your website, except when digging into your recent package such as quake or tripper

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