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Jaguar pad autofire mod

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Zerosquare    10

Since it seems that some of us are tired of pressing buttons again and again, here's something to help : a Jaguar pad autofire mod. :)


It includes a potentiometer to choose the fire rate, and an optional switch to disable the autofire mode. The autofire only affects the B button ; other buttons work normally.


The mod can either be installed inside a Jaguar pad, or built as an external pass-through box, for those who don't want to modify their controllers.


Warning : this has not been tested yet, as I don't have all the components. The topic will be updated once I get time to actually buy what's needed and build a prototype.


Here's a preliminary schematic :



Feel free to comment :)

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GT Turbo    5

YES !! For doing like SCPCD on Zero 5 without killing my fingers !!!



GT :)

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sh3-rg    6

Heh, I should hold my hands up & say I practically begged zerosquare for a superfly cheating device :D Can't wait to try this out... it's the only way I could imagine I'd ever be able to match Atardi or Xerus :D

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