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Jagcf Final Prototypes

GT Turbo

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Very nice case too, I notice the raised label area on the back where "Atari" usually is written will have a "Jagware Team" sticker on it - nice. But with such a big main processor are you guys certain that no overheating of any of the chips will take place when the cart case is closed and the unit has been in operation for a few hours? Thermal testing inside the enclosure?


Again very nice! - this is the farthest along I have seen the JagCF!!!!

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I'll be so ALL OVER this when its done!

Great Job!


You and me both buddy - for sure! This CF unit has been a long time coming and I've supported it since I found out about it's development in June of '06!(unlike the haters :( - why not CF! - it is best, and advanced yes, but it is to compliment the Jaguar) I am ready for this awesomeness and all that it can do! B)

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As I've posted it on AtariAge a few days ago (but it wasn't in the Jaguar forum, so may not have seen it) : Both SCPCD and me are working actively on the project. The hardware is mostly functional, the logic code is being debugged and the firmware is in the making. It's getting closer to release every day :)

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Any news about JagCF? :)


Is there going to be file browser that let you choise witch image file you want to load?


This product sure would be nice, I have lot Atari cartridges and cds, then it would be so much easyer take Jaguar to computer partys etc.



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