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  1. 2011, year of releases ?

    Hello Gents Saw this topic and wanted to say thank you for the inclusion, i'm going to assume that sh3 was referring to AOP and Eerievale though as not likely to be ready this year. And I'd have to say he's completely..... Correct both Lars and I are still plainly some considerable way from completion on both our respective projects. So, much as i'd like both of us to do miracles, it plainly won't happen and so i'm actually voting for Clicks - Raven and I have been wanting that for years now Cheers AO
  2. Some time ago.....

    Its looking good The Jag needs more adventure games - kudos on what's looking like a very promising conversion.
  3. Jagcf Final Prototypes

    I've not been paying too much attention recently - but this looks like excellent progress.
  4. Deleted Posts - But Not Going

    Hi Fadest and thank you for the kind words You are right and calmer heads always make better decisions. Yes its a LONG hard road - i'll talk some more about the project before the JagFest but i promised to demo the REALLY new stuff there first so i won't show THAT content until after. Hopefully the blog is proving at least midly interesting. Cheers.
  5. Deleted Posts - But Not Going

    Guys I got into a fit of pique about the Jag Community the other day and deleted a load of my posts. Then i got over it and felt silly. I'm not abandoning the Jag, i was just temporarily being foolish. Cheers
  6. Compact flash adapter

    1 - Piracy Good this sounds like a very promising approach. 2 - Reliablity I look to see more evidence of this, my own experience has been bad, but that was frequent writes due to taking pictures. I would like to see what it is like if we just read. All in all, very VERY good work guys. i'm excited about this project
  7. Compact flash adapter

    This looks EXTREMELY interesting. A couple of points spring to mind: 1 - How do we act against piracy? 2 - My experience with compact flash cards and cameras has not been good, how can we ensure against frequent failures?