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Snasm2 Tools?


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Nice forum guys, and active as it seems!



Some months back I acquired an Atari Jaguar devkit, which is essentially a jag with a (kid of) alpine board, a scsi card and a disk with software for the PC.


Since then I haven't been able to use it, because I couldn't get hold of a PC with an ISA slot to use the built-in card. Well, I just got hold of such a beast ;). I will try to set it up soon enough, and I'll try to keep you updated on how that goes on this thread.


Before I begin though, I thought I'd ask here too: Anyone got any info on this, more specifically, anyone knows/have software for a devkit for the Atari? I heard some stories that there was a suite of programs for the tt/falcon that used SCSI to talk to the Jag, which is more or less my case here. Anyone knows anything about this?


Regards, George

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Welcome to the forum !


I was going to say "The SNASM2 is very rare, someone on AtariAge has one, maybe he can help you with it"... then I saw you were the one on AtariAge :P


I don't have any info on it, sorry. You can use the official Atari assembler (MAC) and linker (ALN) to develop on the Atari, but you would still need some software to upload your program to your dev board.

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