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Happy Birthday Ovalbugmann !


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Better late than never !!

Happy birthday Ovalbugman !!

GT :poulpe:


Same thing here :)


Happy birthday man :)

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Hey!,..Thanks guys! :D I didn't expect a Happy Birthday over here, Very Much Appreciated!! B) I haven't talked with you guys a whole lot, but when I did it was very pleasant and enlightening, and I look forward to conversing more with everyone in the coming year. :) Yes, I do hang out at Atariage & JS2 a lot but I have learned quite a bit from reading all your posts and have enjoyed all the work that everyone here has done for the Jaguar. The Jagware team is a very talented, sharp ;) group of developers, and I look forward to everything that you guys are working on. post-149-1199277955.gif It's great that the Jaguar is enjoyed by people all around the world, especially in Europe and North America - people like you ARE keeping the Jaguar alive! A big Cheers!post-149-1199277395.gif to all my friends here :blush: , SCPCD, Zerosquare, GT Turbo, Seb, and Fredifredo and everyone else I have missed.


VIVA LA FRANCE!!!!post-149-1199277988.gif



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