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Idea to increase the JagCD's reliability for homebrew games


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I just thought of something:


Most CD homebrews are pretty small, so there's unused space on the disc. Even the largest ones are large mostly because of audio tracks, not code/gfx.


What about filling the unused space with copies of the code/gfx? It could work that way:

- there are N copies of your code/gfx on the disc

- if a sector read fails, retry it a few times

- if the error persists, seek to the next copy and try to read the sector from there

- if it succeeds, continue loading from that copy (don't seek back to the original copy)

- if it still fails after a few retries, go to the next copy (or back to the first one if you reached the last one)


Maybe each copy could be in its own track or session. Padding could be used between copies to make sure they are spread far enough on the disc.


I don't know if it can actually improve the reliability of JagCD loadings, but I think it could use a test :)

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the JagCD reliability is not about data loading, I never had a problem with that, all data read are always 100% correct on my JagCD.

The problem is always on the human side or the jaguar hardware side (bad OP list managment when switching from boot loader to another program, data track badly prepared before writing them to your CD, etc...)

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/me likes where this thread is going



(sorry, not been able to sign in for quite a while, reset my password yet again this morning).


As CJ said, the problem occurs before you even get to that point, not so much once the hash is passed. If it gets that far it's you more likely doing something wrong, not the Jaguar CD. CD-R is just a bad place to go, that's why we put out games on CD-R with binaries on a standard disc, so we couldn't be accused of presenting people with unusable products... in the end it doesn't really matter, Jaguar fans rarely play games anyway, they put them on shelves and in storage boxes (joke!) but tbh, I've done exactly that (no joke!)... and it's really daft :cry:

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