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GPU/DSP compiler(s)?


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I don't use C on the Jaguar so I don't remember it is widely known or not, but I found one (or two ?) GPU/DSP compiler(s) while looking in old stuff tonight.


The first archive is from Roine Steinberg's Jaguar Server page. There's not much info on it:



The second archive is from the Favard brothers' web site. It contains a lot of stuff, including what appears to be Atari's port of GCC targeting the 68K, GPU and DSP:


(take a look at "Official Jaguar Kit\Docs\Gcc.txt")

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Virustotal (a meta-virus scanner that checks files using several dozens of commercial antivirus engines) tells me that both the site and the file itself are clean. So it's probably a false positive. Use another browser ;)


Nice find, this Atari GCC version 2.6 seems to be something I haven't seen before.

Any chance someone can make an example program in C that would make use of 68K, GPU and DSP ?


I did compare both directory's seems the file sizes are different from both releases. What I remember from long ago was that I was reading the compiler from the jagcc archive was not that good but maybe the other version in the other archive works better, because it seems the full GCC is in there...

So something to investigate :-)


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