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  1. eJagFest 2014

    I will be there, anyone else ?
  2. RMAC

    Hi, I got a laptop with win 8.1 x64 I can use RLN but RMAC is throwing an error that it's incompatible with 64-bit windows. Could this be fixed so it would work ?
  3. Demo in Javascript !!!

  4. RMAC

    Could you write a pre-processor to fix gpu code like the macro's in smac did ?
  5. Virtual Jaguar

    I got a question aswell are there any new updates for VJ because I got a build (win32) from may last year...
  6. Useful files, tools and links for Jaguar development

    I am not sure what you define as better, as I recall some of the changes he implement in addition to general bug fixes was to make it easier to run GPU in main. I have not read the full topics but a quick AA search show that the following may provide the information you are looking for http://atariage.com/forums/topic/136021-de...as-gift-to-all/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/166190-ol...n-vs-smacvlink/ Alternatively Dr Typo may know, as I recall he made some post SubQMod changes/bug fixes to SLN and SMAC This what I meant indeed. But is .GPUMAIN addding all you need to allow code run perfectly from main ram ? Are there other new things, i read something about macro's maybe someone can write a small document what's new in SMAC.
  7. Useful files, tools and links for Jaguar development

    What kind of bugs? I must have been lucky, but I haven't had any problems with Atari's ALN and MAC. I heard smac was capable to produce better GPU assembler output, but I cannot find changes things added to this assembler any link or document ?
  8. Useful files, tools and links for Jaguar development

    RMAC/RLN mostly work, and when they don't - Shamus fixes them. The originals (and SMAC and SLN) are really, really broken. Especially in GPU areas. Is there a manual for RMAC I heard SMAC was more advanced then original MAC so I would like to know what's extra. Same for RLN
  9. A Workaround For The Uart Bug

    It's on my to-do list but who knows someone has done it already
  10. A Workaround For The Uart Bug

    Is there anyone who have patched DOOM with the new workaround ? Would love to see the outcome if it would be more stable...
  11. GPU/DSP compiler(s)?

    Okay can someone post a working example file that uses this C compiler for the risc chips ?
  12. GPU/DSP compiler(s)?

    Nice find, this Atari GCC version 2.6 seems to be something I haven't seen before. Any chance someone can make an example program in C that would make use of 68K, GPU and DSP ? I did compare both directory's seems the file sizes are different from both releases. What I remember from long ago was that I was reading the compiler from the jagcc archive was not that good but maybe the other version in the other archive works better, because it seems the full GCC is in there... So something to investigate :-)
  13. Happy Christmas !!!!

    Hello, Merry Christmas and Happy 2014 I hope lot's of new Jag stuff will be released
  14. eJagFest 2013

    Cool video ! Maybe next time when I got enough space and man power I can bring my ATW800 aswell...
  15. eJagFest 2013

    To bad is was not for sale