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Silly Venture 2013

GT Turbo

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Vladr also sent a rolling demo of his Hero game. Doc says ROM doesn't work on skunk but I tried and it did, only problem was oxygen bar was not visible on NTSC but was present with PAL. Game runs just short of 2x quicker in VJ on my lappy (i7 2.3ghz).


If you've seen the Livewire beta, it's got a similar "3d" feel, with textured blocks and depth between front and back walls. If I get time before ejagfest I'll stick up a video.


There was also a slideshow, but apparently that either has issues with hardware or VJ, not sure yet as not seen it. Don't know who made it either, but will take a look.

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Last entry was our "realtime" piece. During the way to the SillyVenture Bob!k had a really silly idea to prepare something we could present on the event. And as he got his first Jaguar two weeks before he wanted to make something for it. Unfortunately we did not take any Jag with us. So Bob!k coded it and tested it on Virtual Jaguar emulator. I made the font and prepared some pictures and Pepax added some crazy texts. Fortunately 505 was kind enough to contribute with his mod music.


We wanted to take a part in wild compo as we knew it was not a real demo with real effect and so. But Grey told us it should be in the Jaguar category. At the end we tested it successfuly on borrowed Jaguar with Skunk, so it was presented on the real hardware without problem.


The file is available at DHS website http://files.dhs.nu/party/sillyventure2013...Screen_Wide.zip Do not take it too seriously, it was made just for a fun.

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