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Atari Jaguar - code & dev facebook group

02 Feb 2017

Posted by NooB in Jaguar

Hi all,


Started a small Atari Jaguar Facebook group a while back for people interested in

coding and developing for the Atari Jaguar. I'm busing uploading useful files with the

aim of making it a backup to established forums and web sites and hopefully stop the

dreaded 404 file not found you'll encounter if you need certain files and the links are

broken. Its still early days, but don't let that put you off as I'm sure it will grow into a

useful resource.




Hope to see you there.




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Sommarhack 2016 invitro

25 Dec 2015

Posted by Zerosquare in Software

As a Christmas present, Reboot has released a Jaguar invitro to the Sommarhack 2016, using the now-famous Raptor Basic+. It can be downloaded here, and the Pouët.net page is there.



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μFLY - new game from Reboot

23 Aug 2015

Posted by sh3-rg in Software

I've released my little microFLY game over at Atari Age. It's not quite 100% just very close, but could do with some testing if anyone has time to fire it up. Emulator won't work too good with it, so it's hardware only really.



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Cloudy with a chance of metaballs

17 May 2015

Posted by Zerosquare in Software
As a nice example of what can be done with Reboot's Raptor Basic+, sh3 released a demo at the Outline party called "Cloudy with a chance of metaballs". It can be downloaded here. If you can't run it, here's a video:

  20,543 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by GT Turbo )


Alice's Mom's Rescue JagCD Release

26 Mar 2015

Posted by Zerosquare in Software

I'm officially announcing the release of Alice's Mom's Rescue for the Jaguar CD !
This is a puzzle / platformer game in the pure style of old school pixel art.
The giant raven has captured Alice's mother.
Help Alice save her mother through the 3 worlds and 25 levels!
Change Alice's height by jumping on the magic mushrooms to get through the tiny spaces.
But be aware that a small size will also affect Alice's physical abilities!
Solve puzzles, beware of the evil cats, birds, bats & spikes, and find the right path to victory.

The game is available here for the Jaguar CD !
If you don't have a Jaguar CD, SkunkBoard (rev2&3) owners can play the game with the 6MB ROM of the game included on the CD !
The PC Windows version of the game is also included on the CD !
For people in the US, you can check this US store to save on the shipping: (available soon)http://console5.com/.../jaguar-cd.html
Video of the game:

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Source code for Project One released

08 Feb 2015

Posted by Zerosquare in Software
Reboot released the source code for their Project One game. Details and download here:

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2015 a new year !!

01 Jan 2015

Posted by GT Turbo in Site

2014 is finished, 2015 is here !


An happy new year to all Atari fans !!! Be 2015 better than 2014 what else ? ;)



GT :poulpexmas:

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30 Dec 2014

Posted by Cyrano Jones in Software

OK, so you've tried RAPTOR Basic, and it's a nice step into the strange world of Jaguar development, and while it is perfect for beginners, it's a little slow for all you master BASIC guys out there more used to the likes of GFA and other more modern versions of the language.


Here is RAPTOR Basic+  -   a compiled, high speed BASIC development environment based around BCX. Some of the RAPTOR Basic examples have been rebuilt in RAPTOR Basic+ and they now fly instead of crawling.  We'll try and build on these in the coming weeks and months.


RAPTOR Basic and RAPTOR Basic+ will both continue to be worked on as they offer different levels of entry into the wonderful world of home brew coding on the Jaguar. They will keep the same revision numbers as commands and functions get added to both.


The latest version of RAPTOR Basic+ can be found here:


Ver 0.1.8 - http://reboot.atari.org/new-rebo…/…/RAPTOR_Basic+_v0.1.8.zip


Note: RBasic+ contains a 64bit version of VirtualJaguar - for all you people hanging on to crusty revisions of windows, replace it with the 32bit version.


  22,716 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by sh3-rg )


Jagware website

29 Dec 2014

Posted by GT Turbo in Site



Jagware is back with an updated CMS (Thanks RaZ).


Here come the first post on this new CMS, we wish you an happy New Year !!!





Hi, it's RaZ following up on the news.

First, i'd like to apologize for the time it took to update the site, sorry for any trouble it may have cause.

Second, there's a few bugs left, Gravatars went MIA, for those using them, you may have to update your profile picture.

Then, some smileys are missing, we're working on that too (/fixed).


Mobile version should be ok, signal it to me otherwise.


Third, connect, enjoy, profit.


Happy holidays to everyone. :flowers:

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Raptor BASIC - A BASIC for Jaguar development

06 Dec 2014

Posted by Zerosquare in Software
Programming the Jaguar is now easier than ever, thanks to the new release from Reboot: Raptor BASIC, a BASIC port with plenty of Jaguar-specific features.

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RAPTOR v2014.11.29

29 Nov 2014

Posted by Cyrano Jones in Software
Well, after nearly 4 years of procrastination, excitement, apathy and enthusiasm, here it finally is, as promised:

RAPTOR v2014.11.29

Included in the zipfile:

- RAPTOR default fonts (Thanks Atari ST ROM!)
- RAPTOR approved logos
- RAPTOR Manual (PDF)

- Multiple examples describing the functions starting with "Hello World" and ending with a full game
- Rocks Off! - Full source code for our game, converted to use the .O file

U235Se v0.21
- U-235 SoundEngine folder

The file is currently hosted on the D-Bug server, I'm hoping to update the Reboot website shortly.

Enjoy, and happy coding everyone! Early Merry Xmas from REBOOT.


  19,965 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Cyrano Jones )


eJagFest 2014

20 Oct 2014

Posted by Zerosquare in Jaguar
Announcement of the Atari Jaguar Europe Festival 2014

The Atari Jaguar Europe Festival, "ejagfest" in short, takes place on November 15th and 16th of this year in Duisburg (near Düsseldorf), Germany. We celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Atari Lynx this year which has been released 25 years ago in 1989.

The Atari Jaguar Europe Festival is an annual festival for all Atari Jaguar and Lynx fans, developers and retailers. Open-minded fans of other video game systems are welcome, too.
The „Atari Jaguar Europe Festival is a meeting of retro gaming fans from all over Europe. The focus of attention is Atari and all consoles of the cult lable. All of you who would like to play again on systems like the Jaguar, Lynx, VCS 2600, 5200, 7800 or on a trusty homecomputer of the 80s, this is the right place.
Retro games, homebrew announcements / presentations, prototypes believed to be lost and demos of all kind can be experienced on the ejagfest. Developers from all over Europe regularly take the opportunity to present their new developments on the festival, and sometimes even have exclusive items for sale. Another highlight was the presentation of the only working “High-res Jaguar Virtual Reality Headset” in existence, which was shown for the first time in Europe on the ejagfest in the year 2007.
Competitions such as “Club Drive” or “Kasumi Ninja” make sure everyone has a fun time. Next to these fun competitions, the official European championship in “Checkered Flag” for the Lynx is taking place each year. To make the event complete there are retro game retailers to offer Jaguar/Lynx titles and a variety of other retro games and systems.


This year is the event‘s 14th anniversary and takes place for the 3rd time in Duisburg near Düsseldorf. In 2014 we celebrate the 25th birthday of the Atari Lynx, it was released 1989 in the USA. Let's celebrate Atari!
Opening is on 15th and 16th November at 10:00 AM (setup from 9:00 AM).
Entrance fee is 10,00 Euro for one day and 15,00 Euro for both days.

The ejagfest takes place at:
St. Dionysius Pfarreim,
Uerdinger Str. 183a
47259 Muendelheim

More information and latest news can be found on:
The Facebook event can be found here:

  20,404 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Michael )


A new linker for Atari Jaguar development

31 Aug 2014

Posted by SebRmv in Software

I recently wanted to replace original Atari MadMac and ALN from my toolchain, because the available binaries for Linux are old executables which are more and more difficult to run on recent Linux distro.

I failed to replace ALN by RLN because it lacks support for archive files (used to make library of objects).
As I had a few days off, I decided to write my own linker using a high-level language (namely OCaml).
I have reached a point where I have something that seems to work and thus I wanted to share this development with the community.

The source code is available on my github repository. As I know that installing the ocaml toolchain on Windows can be a bit tedious, I have also made available on The Removers website a 32 bits binary for Windows (of the current version).

I am happy to hear your feedback regarding this tool (especially Windows users, because I use myself Linux version).


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Morphonic Lab XIII : Contarium Invitro

10 Aug 2014

Posted by Zerosquare in Jaguar
Checkpoint strike again on the Jag demo scene. They've released an invitro for called "Morphonic Lab XIII : Contarium" with some innovative and impressive effects.

The demo can be downloaded here ; there's also a YouTube video version, and a Pouet.net page.

  20,989 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by GT Turbo )


Second run for Another World !!!

02 Aug 2014

Posted by GT Turbo in Jaguar
Hi Jag Fans !!

SebRmv has confirmed, the second run for Another World is ok !!! Be patient he said but it will be another run !!

Don't forget the email for the second run and all question about the games :

anotherworld a-t jagware d-o-t org

GT poulpenoel.gif

  22,046 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Warp )

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