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  1. Cartridge dumping tool

    Ok, I've got my old laptop up and running thanks to a donor laptop I have, :-D anyway! I want to use bjl dump but I'm unsure if I'm using it right. I've got the jag on the ready orange screen. so now I want to use the autodetection setup so is this the command "BJL_DUMP.EXE try.rom 0 800000 0" I'm right and how can I tell if it's working? :? Thanks!
  2. Cartridge dumping tool

    Any updates? Thanks.
  3. Cartridge dumping tool

    I've got some carts that aren't dumped as far as I can tell, I've looked at all the of roms sights that I know pulse some questionable websites too, games like MB, BS and BSG. I'm getting ready for the Jag SD cartridge.
  4. Cartridge dumping tool

    Has "support for PCI/PC Card/ExpressCard parallel ports" been added yet? Can this app be used with M$DOS 3.3? Is there an Atari St (the only parallel port in my house ) version of this app? Thanks!
  5. Jagware Badges to win !!

    Email is on the way!
  6. Bubble Bobble on the Jaguar

    I've just download game, now I need to fine time to play it might be time to hookup the Jag to the HDTV.
  7. A propos de l'uploader Bjl

    Hi all! Thanks for the BJL loader.
  8. [codename S.p.a.c.e] Development Log Topic

    WOW, most coders stay away from RPGs. I can't wait to see this one! Oh by the way what the starting address? I like to try this one out.
  9. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    Someone has their hands full!
  10. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    Any up dates?
  11. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    I like what I see, it's a C-64 update of Warlord and thats a good thing!
  12. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    It runs just fine in NTSC land! I have no sound. 4 player mode work too! You know how hard is to work 4 on Jag gamepads at one time!
  13. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    Can do! I've have the day off and I've already VOTED!
  14. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    D'oh! whats the starting address for this game?
  15. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    I love oldschool 2600 games! Does this run on an NTSC Jag and are you going to add rotary control sport?