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  1. Cartridge dumping tool

    Any updates? Thanks.
  2. Cartridge dumping tool

    I've got some carts that aren't dumped as far as I can tell, I've looked at all the of roms sights that I know pulse some questionable websites too, games like MB, BS and BSG. I'm getting ready for the Jag SD cartridge.
  3. Cartridge dumping tool

    Has "support for PCI/PC Card/ExpressCard parallel ports" been added yet? Can this app be used with M$DOS 3.3? Is there an Atari St (the only parallel port in my house ) version of this app? Thanks!
  4. Jagware Badges to win !!

    Email is on the way!
  5. Bubble Bobble on the Jaguar

    I've just download game, now I need to fine time to play it might be time to hookup the Jag to the HDTV.
  6. A propos de l'uploader Bjl

    Hi all! Thanks for the BJL loader.
  7. [codename S.p.a.c.e] Development Log Topic

    WOW, most coders stay away from RPGs. I can't wait to see this one! Oh by the way what the starting address? I like to try this one out.
  8. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    Someone has their hands full!
  9. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    Any up dates?
  10. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    I like what I see, it's a C-64 update of Warlord and thats a good thing!
  11. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    It runs just fine in NTSC land! I have no sound. 4 player mode work too! You know how hard is to work 4 on Jag gamepads at one time!
  12. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    Can do! I've have the day off and I've already VOTED!
  13. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    D'oh! whats the starting address for this game?
  14. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    I love oldschool 2600 games! Does this run on an NTSC Jag and are you going to add rotary control sport?
  15. The Removers'libraries

    OK I've got Windows 98, DOS works just fine with 98 and I have JUGS so I'm all most there but the libraries isn't an .EXE file so I guess this is where you need to compile it.