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AC 2012 speed-coding contest


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If you're a coder, graphic artist or music composer on 80-90s computers or consoles (8-, 16- or 32-bit), as a member of a crew or just for the challenge of creating a game on a given theme during one-and-a-half intense days, you'll probably be interested in this.


For those who are not already familiar with it, the AC is a convention dedicated to gaming on 8/16/32-bit computers, and will take place in France at Congis (near Paris). Events will include software and hardware projects presentations, a gaming tournament, free play and exhibition of all machines from iconic brands. For the 4th year now, the AC has included a game-creation speed-coding contest, and been witness to the birth of ambitious projects. A new challenge for 2012 is approaching.


This year, the theme will be : "a music-based game".


You can of course choose to create a purely musical game such as Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero, but you can as well unleash your imagination as long as your game is based on music. For example, what about a shoot-em-up were you would collect musical scores fragments to build a song?


As usual, to make things interesting, a final element you'll have to take into account will be revealed just before the start of the contest.

For any questions, don't hesitate to contact me (Jeffrey) at email_asso_rgc.gif


The Retro-Gaming organization website (featuring a forum, info about former conventions, etc.) :



To conclude, here are the speed-coding contest rules:

• This coding contest's aim is to create a game on your preferred platform, on a given theme.

• The contest will last from 9 AM on Saturday to 3 PM on Sunday.

• There are no technical restrictions, your game can be as small as 4 KB or as large as 16 MB (or more), on whichever platform you like. No categories : all entries will be competing against each other.

• We may ask the author(s) to show and present their entry on stage using the video projector.

• All game elements - code, graphics, sound and music, etc. - must have been created either by the contestant(s), or under a license that allows them to be used legally (public domain, Creative Commons, etc.)

• After the end of the contest, all productions may be featured and redistributed on several media, such as a commemorative video DVD, websites like scene.org and pouet.net, etc.

• Only a single entry per crew (or person) will be accepted.

• The game must be new, i.e. not released before the contest.


Good luck !

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