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  1. Cartridges mechanical drawings / dimensions

    Thanks for converting them to *.PDF Zero. I think they might be easier to read if they had a black background. Cyan and yellow in on white are not the best colour combinations in my opinion.
  2. Fading/gradients with Jaguar's palette

    What I'd do is work on 8 bit values for R, G and B (24BPP) until you absolutely need to convert them to 16BPP mode then weight them accordingly (in a final pass). Are stepr, stepg, stepb floating point variables in your code?
  3. Removers's MOD Player vs U-235 Sound Engine

    Send a bug report to to Linkovitch and I'm sure he'll look into the problem for you.
  4. happy new year !

    Happy New Year! Good luck with all your projects. This year will be a good year for the jaguar (and the 7800 too ).
  5. Duckie Egg

    I don't think I went away. Thanks for the compliment.
  6. Up to date EEPROM.s?

    I implemented a VBCC "C" save/restore wrapper for use in Chuckie Egg and its all working fine in Virtual Jaguar.
  7. Up to date EEPROM.s?

    Thank you! I can add high score saving to Chuckie Egg now .
  8. Up to date EEPROM.s?

    I've looked through Curt's files and I have found several versions of the file EEPROM.S. Which file is considered to be the most up to date? Thanks.
  9. JagView - A utility for displaying *.bmp files

    @Zerosquare and ggn: Thanks for the header information. I'll add COFF, universal header and BJL support when I get some free time. I'll probably just remove the dependence on the standard "C" library and make the code position independent as well. That'll make life easier and the final jag ROM binary should be a bit smaller too.
  10. JagView - A utility for displaying *.bmp files

    Thanks for the compliment. I'll change the name if I go back to the project.
  11. JagView - A utility for displaying *.bmp files

    Thanks for the compliment. If I go back to the project I'll rename it. True! But its a tool for game pixel artists to see how their work would look on real hardware. Most pixel artists I know always want to try something that I haven't implemented yet . So the tool allows them to experiment while I catch up or implement the code needed to drive the graphics.
  12. JagView - A utility for displaying *.bmp files

    Thanks for the compliment. Yay! I like suggestions . Sure can! Is there an "official" spec for it? To be honest I haven't really looked for that kind of information so apologies if its common knowledge. Possible, but I'm not sure how to coax a COFF file out of the VBCC compiler system. I could just rewrite it to be 100% assembler which would allow a multitude of different output formats. The blank space in the padding is full of 0xFFs which is the default state of any modern erased flash device so any good programming algorithm would just kip 16 bit words of 0xFFFF in the source image. No dither in this version. In my mind its a tool for viewing in-game assets so I wouldn't want to add extra visual information that isn't present in the original image. Although losing colours information is expected and therefore fine . Feedback is always good.
  13. Find attached a utility I created at the weekend :- JagView.1.00F.zip It is a Windows GUI tool that will convert 24BPP Windows *.bmp file directly into a Jaguar ROM image that can be viewed in 16BPP on real hardware. Just press the "Browse..." button and choose an image and then use the "Convert" button to process it. A new file will be created that has a *.rom file extension. The ROM image is padded to the nearest 1MB so it can be used in emulators like VJ without conversion. Some notes :- Images must be 24BPP, 8BPP images are not supported at this time. Images larger than 320 c 200 (w x h) will be cropped to 320 x 200. Images smaller than 320 x 200 will be displayed in the centre of the screen. The utility is ideal for pixel artists who want to create in-game assets without needing a programmer to implement the features they need or to check out how screenshots or mock-ups would look. The application has been tested on XP fine and the ROMs on a PAL jaguar. (many thanks fto sh3-rg for testing) Load and execute the final ROM at 0x802000. Any problems let me know.
  14. Sinewaves

    If you just want a basic table then this will do it :- http://www.daycounter.com/Calculators/Sine...alculator.phtml if you want high level language then in "C" its something like this :- #define SIN_NO_OF_POINTS 60 #define SIN_SCALE 100 #define SIN_OFFSET 20 for (int c=0; c<SIN_NO_OF_POINTS; c++) { double angleInRadians=2*PI*(double)c/(double)SIN_NO_OF_POINTS; signed long int val=SIN_OFFSET+(signed long int)(sin(angleInRadians)*SIN_SCALE); //... Process val here. } You'll need to include math.h to get the sine function. The value of PI might be defined in that header file too, if not you'll have to #define it yourself.
  15. Bug in srand (Removers standard "C" library)

    No problem! I only found it because I was setting the seed and wondering why my latest project always looked the same :- http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/20161...r-has-jag-powa/