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skunkGUI released for Windows and OS X (x86/ppc)


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I am happy to announce testing seems to have gone well. So I am releasing both the Windows and OS X (x86 only for now) version of skunkGUI.


If you haven't heard of skunkGUI check out the following video for a brief demo of it. This version has more features than the one in the video, but it covers many features.




The Windows version has an installer that takes care of installation (and uninstall if you don't like it smile.gif ). The OS X version requires unzipping and dragging the Icon to your Apps folder.


Everything is installed for you with Windows, and everything is bundled in the app on OS X.


So fire it up, and enjoy. Let me know what you think of it. Go to the below URL and click on the downloads section.



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Just to announce that an OS X PPC version has been posted.


Also I updated my OS X universal build of the jcp utility to the latest version. So if you prefer to use the command line jcp and haven't built the latest version yourself, you can download my build. Included in the archive for the jcp utility is the libusb drivers needed. Drivers for 10.4 10.5 and 10.6 are included.



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Awesome Belboz! I will dl it and give it a go soon. :D You have done a lot for Jaguar fans recently -it is very much appreciated!


You got skillz dude and you rock!!! B)

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