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Orion_'s Jaguar Collection [jagcd]


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(I just realized that I didn't make a news here about this, so here I go)


This is my Final Release for Jaguar, after 3 years of programming on this platform along with Jagware, I made this nice compilation which regroup all the things I did for the Jaguar console.


This contains my previous released games with bug fix, also a game beta never seen (Seaplane !), some demos, and the Final version of my 3D game Osmozys with 25 levels, high quality raytraced wide truecolor background, and high quality audio CD musics !


I consider this being my most advanced homebrew production, I'm really proud to release it to you for free and I hope you will enjoy it !




Youtube Video Link


Download the CD Image in Nero Format (230Mbytes) part1 part2 part3 join utility


Download the DVD Cover

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This is my Final Release for Jaguar


I am sorry to hear that this is it,.. the end of all your programming on the Jaguar. :mellow: I am very happy for the work that you did do and I appreciate it very much. :D


Thanks for giving your time so us fans can have fun on the Jaguar with new software. B)



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