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Numerica Party

GT Turbo

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Last week end, some Atarians have taken place in a french party called Numerica, and two new demos have been done, the first one by our friends from Dune, Sector One, Mjj :




and the second one by Paradize and C.V.S.D. :




A very great week end, thanks to all Atarians who were at this nice party and especially Chuck (Dune) and C-Rem (Mjj prod, you know what 'dans le c..' :D )


and thanks to all others (Rajah Lone, Strider, Dma, Gloky, Krad, Cooper, Cicile, Fabounio, )


Let's have a look at this photo :




and some from the Atari place :




and let's see by yourself :




Atari Rulez !! Stay cool, Stay Atari !!


GT Turbo :poulpe:

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