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  1. Looking for old JSII members

    Instead of doing a forum and since all Jaguar-related Facebook pages are essentially dead, I've created one based around the idea of keeping it current and regularly updated with interesting tidbits. Naturally this is no where or by any means a replacement for JSII and it's really only good for news but I would think Jagware would be the ideal place for Jaguar people to go for topics and such not. At least, it makes sense in my head. Anyway, for those who have facebook and are interested: www.facebook.com/AtariJaguar64 All the best!
  2. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Thanks for the response. Reading in the FAQs, I know the Jaguar could access at very least (externally) 2MB additional RAM, though one FAQ I came across said it could access up to 8MB (though I don't ever recall that being the case the whole time I've been into the Jaguar). Everyone is going out of their way for cartridge solutions but no one has (that I"m aware of) attempted to integrate the idea of adding more on-board RAM to be accessed via the cartridge (whether it be 2MB or 8MB, permitting that is even possible). Are there no readily available chips able to be used to do this? I'm guessing the cutdown to 16-bit access from 32-bit could pose a problem but isn't there a way aound that as well?
  3. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    A few questions: 1. What is the disadvantage of only have a 16-bit bus access oppose to the standard 32-bit real cartridges use? Will it be slower at loading/accessing? 2. I didn't see an answer posted in regards to using sizes above 4MB. Would this require some sort of multi-banking or is 6MB+ actually possible rather easily?
  4. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Sounds good
  5. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Hi all.... So cool to see fascinating hardware developments make way to the Jaguar. Any news on this and how it's coming along? I've noticed it has been a few months. Thanks Clint
  6. Virtual Teams

    GT... you are a busy busy person!!! Here's to the project! MD is really pulling some leg work to get this around and raise interest... nice work!
  7. Numerica Party

    Really nice pictures! Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong country to miss the great gatherings held there!