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I'm a real Atari fan and proud of it !!

GT Turbo

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I'm a REAL Atari fan, why i wrote that ?


At this time some people are doing attack vs Jagware, vs some real others Atari fans.


My first meet with an Atari machine was when i was young and going to a friend, he got a 520 STF !!! I was in love at the first look, so one month after i've got a 520 STF and explore the beautiful world of Atari Machine.


I was surprised when i see demos from crews like TCB, The Lost Boys, etc... so i wanted to to some great things too. But alone that was difficult, so we mounted some crews, but the first real one was Cerebral Vortex. During years we done some demos, softwares, ....


After some years i've meet Pocket from the website : http://www.pockett.net/ he was searching people for creating a Jaguar developement crew. That was the birth of Jagware :)


In parallel, i have participed to a lot of Atari party (Atari Connexion, Retro Gaming Connexion party, Numerica, etc..) where i meet a lot of beautiful Atarians and crews (Paradize (Big kiss Cooper :), Dune (Chuck, Zerkman), Sector One (Frost, Dma-SC), C-Rem (Mjj Prod), some others, sorry guys the list is too long, but you're always in my heart :hug:


Days after days Jagware was growing, Jagware can't be french only, so all Jaguars developers are welcome, only one thing for that is loving this 64 bit beast !!


I'm an Atarian and proud of it, i've got Two Falcons (One stock and a CT63 one), a 68020 STF !!! an STE, Two Jags, one Lynx and in few weeks a TT !!


What means be an Atarian for me ? Before all it's a state of mind, beeing cool, doing some great things with all Atari machine having fun with other Atarians, having a lot of launghs with them nothing all. Not using work from friends for earning a lot of cash..... That's not an Atari mind.....



GT Turbo (David)


Stay cool, stay Atari !!


A big kiss to all my Atari friends, all over the world !!




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That's how it goes, David.


Some people are genuine, have a love of all things Atari, and do their best to be productive for their favourite machines for no more personal gain than the warm fuzzy feeling it gives them inside when they put their talents to use,


Others take advantage of these kinds of fellows by monetising, gouging, twisting, manipulating, hoarding and generally being a nuisance. They're the kinds of people who find it difficult to be taken seriously in the real world and have to invent 2nd lives behind the safety barrier of their keyboard and monitor.


A real fan can see one type of person from another and, as they're usually their own worst enemy, these creatures bring their virtual worlds crashing around them nine times out of ten, all by themselves.


Continue doing what you've always done and let the deviants keep aiming for that self-destruct button.


tick... tick... tick...



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I'm not sure if I'm a real Atari fan. I've just bought Atari systems throughout my life. A recent homebrew commission netted me a JagCD so I'm still acquiring stuff!


I didn't intend to start homebrewing Atari 2600 games either. It was just the right combination of easy access to tools, cart makers and community that made it happen. I'm now 10 games in and about to start my first 256k project.


The Jag folks have been especially kind to me for no good reason. I'm sure I'll end up with at least a JagCD game under my belt.


In short, I'm not a great Atari fan: YOU are. That makes everyone else more excited and proud of what the Atari can do.


Carry on guys! I can't wait to see what we do next!

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