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  1. Self publish or Not?

    Totally! Here is the layout for the password system. The player must enter an 8 character password with 64 possible symbols - A-Z a-z 0-9 and !? Basically, the net result is 6 8-bit variables worth of info. Level (0-31) Percentage to next Level in eighths (0-7) Current Dungeon Floor (0-255) Armor (0-15) Weapon (0-15) Potion (0-15) Ring (0-15) World Seed (0-255) Checksum (0-63) Game Event (0-3) With each cartridge a password will be given out that has a unique seed value. Every owner of the game will have their own unique dungeon to delve! Er, until 256 of them are out there
  2. Self publish or Not?

    Thanks for the advice! I'm in awe of all the programmers who also have working knowledge of publishing. Specs definitely change. I'm starting to design the game around Rogue-like features. Which means a re-think about how the banks are laid out. I can also lean more heavily on procedural features instead of ROM.
  3. Self publish or Not?

    Thanks for the advice. I might divide the game into sections that work in 32k. I could always expand to the full 256k in a deluxe version. Perhaps fumbling around funding through a round with kickstarter for that one.
  4. Self publish or Not?

    I have a chance to make an RPG for the 2600. If I restrict it to 32k then I can let someone else deal with publishing. If I self publish I can buy 256k ROM carts and really go big with level data, music, hi res screens etc.. However, I have no experience publishing. Doesn't seem like the fun part of releasing a game. Do I pare down my game design until it fits into 32k or go big and deal with packaging, manuals, order processing, etc..
  5. I've noticed even I get some coverage from French blogs and web sites. Is the scene just more active there? http://www.paperblog.fr/5655072/demake-de-...itfall-sur-nes/ http://mag.mo5.com/actu/42684/stranglehand...atari-vcs-2600/ http://allgamers.fr/3908/sensational-santu...-giana-sisters/
  6. Encryption Bypass Cart Still Useful?

    They do. In fact they support both the 93C46 chips (the ones that are used in official cartridges) and 93C86 chips ; you can choose the one you want when manufacturing the cartridges. That being said, I don't know if anyone is going to release a Jagtopus-based game that would also be available on CD. Thanks for clearing that up! That's very cool. I've been SOL trying to get a Skunkboard. As part of a homebrew commission I asked for a JagCD instead. So, at least I can test on a real Jaguar and then find out how to get in on the Jagtopus cart and programmer.
  7. Encryption Bypass Cart Still Useful?

    Thanks for the insight. It doesn't look like the Jagtopus boards have 93C86-like save game support so encryption carts with that feature aren't worth it either.
  8. I've seen encryption bypass carts floating around the net. Are these still useful given the utilities out there nowadays? I don't give a fig about backup CDs. Just want development to go as smoothly as possible.
  9. I'm a real Atari fan and proud of it !!

    I'm not sure if I'm a real Atari fan. I've just bought Atari systems throughout my life. A recent homebrew commission netted me a JagCD so I'm still acquiring stuff! I didn't intend to start homebrewing Atari 2600 games either. It was just the right combination of easy access to tools, cart makers and community that made it happen. I'm now 10 games in and about to start my first 256k project. The Jag folks have been especially kind to me for no good reason. I'm sure I'll end up with at least a JagCD game under my belt. In short, I'm not a great Atari fan: YOU are. That makes everyone else more excited and proud of what the Atari can do. Carry on guys! I can't wait to see what we do next!