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Skunkboard news

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Zerosquare    10

Tursi has just announced that no new Skunkboards will be manufactured, and that the "official" support is going to be discontinued.


But the good news is that he and Tursi kindly released the full sources, hardware design files and documentation to the public domain :)


For more details, see here.


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robneal81    0

Is there any info available on any new ROM cart for the Jaguar?


I already own all the Jaguar games I'd like to play, but it would still be nice to stick the ROMS on an SD card and have them all on one cart. Also, there are some cool homebrew games I'd love to try.

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sh3-rg    6
Not at the moment.


Okay, thank you for the reply. Is this the forum to bookmark in case there are any updates?


Also, is anyone else selling a Skunkboard at the moment?


Thanks again.


your best place for that would be AtariAge market place - post a wanted there and bump it from time to time if you don't hear anything

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