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Connection an Atari ST joystick to the Jaguar

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Zerosquare    10

Since someone asked me if it was possible to use Atari ST joysticks on the Jag, I made a simple adapter ;)


Here's the pinout :

Male Sub-D 9     Male Sub-D 15 
connector        high density 
(Joystick side)  (Jaguar side)

1 (Up)           14 (J8)
2 (Down)         13 (J9)
3 (Left)         12 (J10)
4 (Right)        11 (J11)
6 (Button)       10 (B1)
8 (Ground)        4 (J0)

Can't test it since I don't have any Atari joystick, but it should work fine. The button on the joystick is mapped to the A button on the standard Jag controller (using another button would have required a more complicated adapter).


Note : this will only work with "dumb" joystick/gamepads. Anything more evolved (controllers with turbo features, Sega Master System/Mega Drive controllers, etc.) will not work correctly.


Now it's up to you to create joystick-friendly games :P

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