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Do The Same !

GT Turbo

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Name : Do The Same !


Author / Crew : C.V.S.D.


Code : Matmook

Additionnal code : GT Turbo

Graphics : Bear

Music : Scrat

Level Design: Fredifredo, Odie_One

Music Player: SebRMV

CD creation : Fredifredo

Cover graphics by Pippin

German translation by Atari-Fan

CD Packaging: RGC TEAM

Skunk Rom creation : SebRMV and tools from Matthias Domins

Online HighScore System: based on Orion_'s one

Beta-testers : Anneso, Atari-fan, Fredifredo, Doctor Clu, Krupkaj, Nonner242, Odie_One, PMData, Vimaster


Screenshot :





Everything about this game here

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