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GT Turbo

Do The Same !

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GT Turbo    5

Name : Do The Same !


Author / Crew : C.V.S.D.


Code : Matmook

Additionnal code : GT Turbo

Graphics : Bear

Music : Scrat

Level Design: Fredifredo, Odie_One

Music Player: SebRMV

CD creation : Fredifredo

Cover graphics by Pippin

German translation by Atari-Fan

CD Packaging: RGC TEAM

Skunk Rom creation : SebRMV and tools from Matthias Domins

Online HighScore System: based on Orion_'s one

Beta-testers : Anneso, Atari-fan, Fredifredo, Doctor Clu, Krupkaj, Nonner242, Odie_One, PMData, Vimaster


Screenshot :





Everything about this game here

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Doctor Clu    0

I got this package in the mail today... my own copy of Do The Same!!! Man this looks so good.


Just wanted to let you know that this really made my day.


I mean this really nicely done. Thank you!!

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