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Beebris released

Cyrano Jones

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The original Beebris was released in 1991 on the Atari ST as part of a mini-demo called "Apathetic Games" released by The Law of The Bad Brew Crew. The full source code for this is already available and can be found at the official D-Bug and Automation website.


Our 'tribute' version was done in roughly a week to celebrate not only Beebris turning 18 years of age, but also 'Tetris' celebrating it's 25th anniversary! We have enhanced the graphics in the game, and are now using the introduction music during gameplay, as was always intended by the original musician, Floyd. Also, for everyone's additional enjoyment and continuing fun, we have added a web-based high score system, which you can access from the links below this text.


And finally, to make things even nicer, we have included the full source code for our version, so you can compare it with the original ST code if you get really bored! At the very least, someone might find this useful.


We hope you all enjoy playing this game as much as we have whilst making it.


Grab it at our website now!


PS. Can one of the admins please change Mr Morden into Cyrano Jones? ;-)

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