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War ???? Which War ?

GT Turbo

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Once again, what is usually call the Jag scene have an episodic access of fever.


What is usually call a fair competition between developers in other scene is generally described as a rampant war here, and people involved in what should be a fair competition sometimes are trapped in this hypothetic war.


Jagware has been created to offer interested developers and artists a workspace where they can debate, share and work together. We offer public forums for debates, but also, for obvious reasons, private forums for team sharing during development phase.


Recently, Curt Vendel has posted his feeling about Jaguar scene, we fully agree with him, and we remember that Jagware was created because some of us had the same conclusions years ago.


We love to debate. We love to share with other.

We love when we are wrong and learn from other.

We love when we are right and convince other.

We also love to share what we discover with the community.

We love to disagree, but we always give other the respect they desserve.

But we dislike when discussions are useless and just lead to feed animosity.

We dislike rampant rumors, hypocrite attacks and personal griefs.

Some of us even prefer to leave a nice place if their presence is sufficient to light flame.


We love competition, we of course have egos and would like to be the best, but we love when other are better than us, because this is a source of motivation, not recrimination.

We have humour, maybe a specific sense of humour, we apologized and tried to let it under an imaginary red line, but we still love humour, and laughs at other people attempts.


We love to see new releases, every kind of release. If someone make a game, he deserve our respect.

We love freeware, we congrat people who choosed this hard way, and hope they will get enough feedback from the community.

We love shareware, we congrat people who choosed this hard way, and hope they will get enough feedback from the community.

We love commercial releases, we congrat people who choosed this hard way, and hope they will get enough feedback from the community.

We dont like piracy, pirates are a threat to Jaguar community. As a Jaguar fan, you already know you whould not encourage piracy. Please help Jaguar developers to fight piracy by reporting every authentified abuse.


We also love to make new releases, we love to work hard on our releases, our graphists love to spend hours and create new techniques, our musicians love to spend hours to create new music that correspond to the game. But being humans, they sometimes do not have enough time to graph and compose for every game we have in development, so we may use free to use stuff in our public domain releases, according to the licence of the asset. But if you are a Jaguar fan and want to participate into new games, as graphist or musician, don’t hesitate to contact us !


But as gamers, we reserve the right to like or not like new games, from Jagware members or other people. When a Jagware member express an opinion about a game, it is his own opinion, it does not involved other Jagware members. To extend this, every Jagware member has his own opinions on everything, there is no guru point of view to follow.


Jagware is open to everyone, here and in other places. There is no affiliation needed, if you need help, just ask, and if we can, we will be pleased to help you. We already have various informations and sources available on our forum (UART workaround, Lz77 depacker, graphical tutorials, …). If you want to help us on game development, just contact us, you will be welcome and get all the credits you deserve.


Atari as we all knew and loved it is dead years ago.

But Atari as we loved it is still vibrant in various scenes (2600/5200/7800/800/Lynx/ST), and there is no reason to keep the Jaguar scene away from this spirit.


We love the Jaguar, this is our only crime.


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