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Mindebug : The Basis For A Jaguar Debugger


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Since sergi requested it, here's an old source of mine that could be used as a basis for a Jaguar debugger, or anything that needs reliable bidirectional communication between a PC and a Jaguar. It's very rudimentary, because I was too lazy to finish it ;)




I wanted to test this very interresting tool but I can not make it work. :blink:


I managed to get the green screen (loading mindebug.jag at $ 4000) but I have not managed to load my binary using the following command : mindebug u foo.bin 4000

I get a "Transfert Error" message.


I must have missed something ... Is there something else to do ?

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I think because you upload the mindebug.jag to $4000, in fact, you should upload mindebug.jag to $1FF000 (don't tried, read into the Makefile.bat) else you will erase the mindebug program when upload the new program with it.


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Indeed. By the way, MinDebug.jag has a header, so if you don't specify an address in the BJL uploader command line, it will be uploaded at the correct address automatically.


Ok....I was uploading mindebug.jag on $4000...So I was erasing the mindebug.jag while uploading my foo.bin ... :sweating:


I'll do some tests.



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