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Jaguar Box Art


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Some boxes I have been working on.

Trying to get some feedback from other members on improvements or other ideas or help.

Had to put links because I cant upload for some odd reason.

Since I have started this art up again Im really starting to think about doing some pixel work for games once more, I really miss 2D games.


Phase Zero & Stack http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...=125902&hl=


AVP Ver 1 & Spacewar 2000 http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...=125656&hl=


Missile Command 3D & Aircars http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...=125824&hl=


Thanks for checking em out

Please give me some feedback.


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