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Êuro Jagfest 2007


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Euro-Jagfest is a annual festival for all all Atari Jaguar and Lynx fans and developers as well as retailers in europe. All open minded fans of other systems are of course welcome too.


Atari Jaguar Europe Festival 2007

The Atari Jaguar Europe Festival, short "e-jagfest" is taking place this year on 24th november in Kaarst. It's a meeting of Videogame fand of europe. In the center of attention is Atari and all their systems. Those of you who want to experience the fun of playing Jaguar, Lynx, VCS 2600, 5200, 7800 or the old homecomputers of the 80s has found just the right event.


There are several modified systems to look at. Ever seen a VCS 2600 handheld with analog controls? Ever played a tournament of "Worms" on a lovingly silver/blue painted Jaguar? Or played Tempest with the one and only true "Tempest Rotary Controller"? Visit Euro JagFest. These are just some examples of highlights of the last years.


Of course other classic consoles are welcome too. Frequent guests are the NUON with games like Iron Solider 3 and Tempest 3000 among other exotic systems. However having a blast playing games, is just one part of the event The event is also frequently used by homebrew developers from all europe to show their new developments and some were even exclusively for sale. One example was the limited e-jagfest edition of Starcat's "Jag Mind Bomb Squad" for Jaguar CD, as well as other "Starcat Developments" releases.

There also were some new VCS 2600 games such as "Raster Fahndung" and "Encaved" on display. Matthias Domin was a frequent visitor too, always with different demos and games to show.


This year we offer visitors something very special. Gaztee from England, owner of one of only two working and never released Jaguar-Virtual-Headsets took our invitation to Kaarst. Of course he won't keep his biggest treasure hidden away. Unless something unexpected happens, you will be able to experience and unveil the myth of the Jaguar VR-Helmet yourself. You may be excited.


Some people have the priviledge of owning a rare prototype game. E-JagFest is a great opportunity to discuss about it on the event and let people experience it themselves. Another topic is network play. You rarely ever have the chance to play Battlesphere networked, and thus enjoying one of the rarest and best Jaguar games with theoretically up to 16 people. Four player duels in Checkered Flag on Lynx (no, not the Jag version ;-) ), are also very popular on the event.

Smaller fun competitions such as "Club-Drive" or Kazumi Ninja" guarantee a great mood.

In the last years there also always was at least one retailer attending, to offer new and used Jaguar games. Nick Harlow of "16/32 bit Systems" has announced his visit already.


On E-JagFest we don't know the meaning of boredom. All of you who want to chat with fellow gamers or developers or who enjoy playing games are welcome, regarless of their favorite system.

In case you do not own an Atari system, don't panic! Just bring your favorite classic system with you, or drop by as visitor only to enjoy the atmosphere and games and let the spirit amaze you. There is always room for you.


This year's event is the 7th e-jagfest and taking place for the fourth time in Kaarst.


Entry is on 24th november at 10:30 in the morning. Entrance fee is 5,00 Euro.


The official e-jagfest website recently moved to www.jagfest.org/euro the home of all european Jag fest and the site is currently under construction. More information about the event will be online very soon.

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