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Virtual Jaguar Bjl Bin File Support

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Orion_    1

Hi there !

I just modified a bit the Virtual Jaguar emulator source code to support the loading of BIN file, in BJL format (i.e: loading at 0x4000)

Virtual Jaguar is a slow emulator but a lot more accurate in emulation than Project Tempest !

I hope it will be useful to developers :)

I saw that the emulator also has a GPU execution log function (can be used like a GPU debugger !!!) you just need to change the doGPUDis flag to true in the gpu.cpp file and recompile the emulator !

it crash most of the time after that, but we don't care, the only thing interesting here are the debugging info ! :)

I always dreamed of a GPU debugger or emulator, know I have one !



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ray    0

that's some cool news mate. plus it actually works.


can you tell me where to get the sources? i might be interested in optimizing the thing a bit :) (just an idea, maybe we coders here on jagware could join forces in order to do so).

regarding the debugging, i got in touch with swapd0 recently, beggin' him to port JDB to windows/linux or at least to release the source and he said that it would be feasible (don't quote me on that, those aren't any official news of course) - so combined with is already working packet-loader on the jaguar side, we could finally have a working graphical debugger.


kind regards,


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