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RAPTOR v2014.11.29

Cyrano Jones

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Well, after nearly 4 years of procrastination, excitement, apathy and enthusiasm, here it finally is, as promised:


RAPTOR v2014.11.29


Included in the zipfile:



- RAPTOR default fonts (Thanks Atari ST ROM!)

- RAPTOR approved logos

- RAPTOR Manual (PDF)




- Multiple examples describing the functions starting with "Hello World" and ending with a full game

- Rocks Off! - Full source code for our game, converted to use the .O file


U235Se v0.21

- U-235 SoundEngine folder


The file is currently hosted on the D-Bug server, I'm hoping to update the Reboot website shortly.


Enjoy, and happy coding everyone! Early Merry Xmas from REBOOT.



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