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Encrypting a .ABS file to CD


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Hi, let's say hypothetically, I wanted to use a .ABS file from a game demo and convert it to an encrypted CD.

Assuming I'm on the right track, is there an easy way to determine if the .abs has a Header? I'm trying to follow Matthias' encryption process and down the page under Step 2 it says, "The file-extension "ABS" would indicate that "HV.ABS" has a header which need to be removed" but there's no guide to accomplishing this since his is (apparently) a regular binary with the abs extension.

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You don't need to bother with that. Download ULS by Reboot and you'll be able to convert your .ABS game to a burnable CD image with a few clicks. :)

Thanks, I've actually used it for quite a bit of conversions in the recent past and it's an invaluable tool, to say the least. But, I'm trying to go old school with some of the methods, like JUGS recently, and even though ULS is incredible, I'd like to convert the files I'm testing without the splash screen. Is it possible to disable the splash? Or perhaps use a custom one?

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To answer your original question, you can use JiFFI to autodetect if your file has a header, and generate a BIN file without the header if this is the case. If it doesn't, then simply change the file extension to BIN.

I used JiFFI to convert the file to BJL then changed it to BIN. Using the info here and here, I've created/tested the unencrypted cd. My settings in HyperTerminal match the ones on the page but the Retries field just counts up after Transfer-Receive via Xmodem. I verified the serial port works with JUGS and double checked the pinout on my 'Matthias adapter' against all the available info. It looks perfect so I'm struggling to find a reason as to why the communication is failing.

Has anyone used this encryption method and run into a similar problem?

Is there a user created guide for setting up TeraTerm with specific Jag transfer settings? (so I can troubleshoot whether outdated HyperTerminal is a factor)


The videos and tutorials I've seen all make HyperTerminal setup a cinch. That tells me I probably have the pinout wrong on the adapter (as was the case with JUGS, but there was no info for JUGS.) There's a lot with Matthias' and the resource where I got my parts so, like I said, struggling..


Any help is appreciated :)

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Wow, nevermind, the JUGS device worked like a champ.

Wondering what the deal is with the specific pinout from Matthias? Must be differences in the signaling for the U.S. Jaguars.

Anyway, just accomplished my first encryption process :) All the info I've found and the re-written instructions I've compiled open doors for the Cinepak test I was working on and reluctantly abandoned. Will be posting a n00b version of my notes as soon as I edit them down to a reasonable length. B)

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That looks pretty cool. I have 3 Skunkboards w/ 3 more arriving shortly. Might dive in and try to work up a how-to on it soon as well, but I'm having too much with all this older stuff atm. :)

I like compiling and creating easily understood resources for the things that were out of reach before. You all sure simplify things though and it's much appreciated B)


After Googling around, still have no definite info as to why the pinouts don't work but a lot of the data I found is over my head anyway.

Burned upwards of 30 disks yesterday (15 encrypted, usable game disks) and this technique is awesome, now that it works. Wish there was more PD to go around :ph34r:


Without trying to cross any lines, is there a way to encrypt a previously unencrypted disk data without the original files? Also without the tools or knowledge of hacking because I don't know jack about that. I couldn't even rip the sound files from a JagCD disk recently, just a lot of high pitched squealing that made me look like this guy--> :o (forgot to turn the speakers down)


Probably a can of worms but I'm interested in learning, if possible.

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Without trying to cross any lines, is there a way to encrypt a previously unencrypted disk data without the original files? Also without the tools or knowledge of hacking because I don't know jack about that.


If the disc is in the correct format (multisession, CD audio for session 1, track 1 - then a boot loader on session 2 track 1 followed by the tracks) then yes.


You can rip all the tracks in RAW mode, then create the security track, append it to the end of session 2, and reburn it.


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No idea if CDex can do this - most ripping applications can. If I remember correctly, I used IsoBuster.

There sure are a lot of choices in Isobuster :unsure: You wouldn't happen to recall the exact selections you made?

I'm looking at File-CD-Extract CD <Image>-RAW (*.bin, *.iso) as a logical path but the outcome would be saved as an .iso. Wouldn't have the faintest clue what to do with "CD.iso & CD.cue" from there.

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