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  1. I noticed the link to version 0.5 is down so I uploaded it here .
  2. Hi, was wondering if there were a way to do this. My interest is to extract the title screen pic(s) from DOOM, add something to it/them and put them back. I was asked if I'd used the "jag romview program" but not sure where to find it. If anyone can point me in the right direction to a method that works, I'd appreciate it
  3. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    Awesome, thank you
  4. Cinepak test on Windows 7

    Got it! So, never mind on the above. Must have been something with the XP machine as Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit worked like a charm. Man, that was a lot of lost/wasted time..
  5. Cinepak test on Windows 7

    I've been working on this again and able to make an unencrypted cd with the files Ovalbugmann uploaded Trying to use Skunked CD Encryptor to get the key.ggn file which has worked great. How do I properly use key.ggn to encrypt the final CD? *can continue reading for the full detailed description or skip to the bottom for the 'boils down to' question It says in the description at the link Follow the Jag's on-screen prompts and you will end up with a file called "key.ggn". This is the file that's needed to be padded & included in your final encrypted CD in place of the dummy hash.. I believe once you have key.ggn you're supposed to run from a command prompt, padcd -2 *100002 key.ggn HOLDER.RAW My key.ggn file is 0kb when it's transferred from the Skunk. After running the padcd command and creating a new HOLDER.RAW, key.ggn is 64kb. Something doesn't sound right about it being 0kb to start off with. Further down on the page with Skunked CD Encryptor, one of the faq is, Is that 3 CDs total? Based on that and what Ovalbugmann says in the lower half of the 2nd large paragraph in this post, it sounds like it might be 3 CDs total. Quoted below and in bold what makes me think it's 3: It's hard to figure this out without a clear guide. Here's what I tried so far with the results being all unencrypted disks, basically: Steps I've tested: Insert successfully tested unencrypted CD in JagCD with Skunk plugged in. Open "cden_skunk" folder, run "jcp -c rbt_cden.abs" to send the program to the Skunk. Wait a period of time while the program is scanning and MD5'ing the tracks. Press Pause to send key.ggn to pc when prompted on-screen. In cden_skunk folder where key.ggn was sent, open cmd.exe and run padcd -2 *100002 key.ggn HOLDER.RAW -Place new HOLDER.RAW file in a copy of previous burn folder and run burnenc.bat. Fails to encrypt CD -Place new key.ggn (which is now 64kb instead of 0) in a copy of previous burn folder and run burnenc.bat. Fails to encrypt CD -Place original key.ggn (0kb) in a copy of previous burn folder and run burnenc.bat. Fails to encrypt CD -Place original key.ggn (0kb) in a copy of previous burn folder and run burnenc.bat then dump this 2nd CD via Skunk transfer. Place new key.ggn (64kb) file in a copy of previous burn folder and run burnenc.bat. Fails to encrypt CD -Place original key.ggn (0kb) in a copy of previous burn folder and run burnenc.bat then dump this 2nd CD via Skunk transfer. Place new key.ggn (64kb) file in a copy of previous burn folder and run PADCD command creating new HOLDER.RAW file and run burnenc.bat. Fails to encrypt CD What's the correct way to encrypt the CD?
  6. JiFFI as SkunkBoard GUI

    I've read here that JiFFI can be used as a trainer. Any particular way to put in code(s) or search for strings that can be used for unlimited ammo, health, etc?
  7. Hello!

    Thank you! Long time, too long indeed How are you? I'm doing great, Tony. Have gotten back into the Jaguar a few months ago after a few years absence. 2014 has been an incredible year for the Jaguar and I'm presently acquiring as much as I can as far as releases in the last years. So good to see your name again I hope you are doing well
  8. Hello!

    Hi Tony! Great to hear from you again. It's been a long time bro
  9. JiFFI as SkunkBoard GUI

    That's what I was assuming but wanted to be certain. Thank you for clarifying
  10. JiFFI as SkunkBoard GUI

    Hi, when I open JiFFI to load a file to the Skunk, I hit the Source File button at the top, navigate to the file and select it. Then, hit the Send to Jaguar via Skunkboard button. A message pops up, "Please note that flashing a ROM will permanently erase your Skunkboard's bank. Press Yes only if you're SURE you understand this!" Not sure I fully understand. If the sequence I posted to load a file is correct, I should be able to proceed without frying anything, right? The urgency of the message makes it sound like I'm going to wipe the Skunk and render it useless or something.
  11. Encrypting a .ABS file to CD

    There sure are a lot of choices in Isobuster You wouldn't happen to recall the exact selections you made? I'm looking at File-CD-Extract CD <Image>-RAW (*.bin, *.iso) as a logical path but the outcome would be saved as an .iso. Wouldn't have the faintest clue what to do with "CD.iso & CD.cue" from there.
  12. Encrypting a .ABS file to CD

    How exactly to rip all the tracks in RAW mode? Can this be done with CDex?
  13. Encrypting a .ABS file to CD

    That looks pretty cool. I have 3 Skunkboards w/ 3 more arriving shortly. Might dive in and try to work up a how-to on it soon as well, but I'm having too much with all this older stuff atm. I like compiling and creating easily understood resources for the things that were out of reach before. You all sure simplify things though and it's much appreciated After Googling around, still have no definite info as to why the pinouts don't work but a lot of the data I found is over my head anyway. Burned upwards of 30 disks yesterday (15 encrypted, usable game disks) and this technique is awesome, now that it works. Wish there was more PD to go around Without trying to cross any lines, is there a way to encrypt a previously unencrypted disk data without the original files? Also without the tools or knowledge of hacking because I don't know jack about that. I couldn't even rip the sound files from a JagCD disk recently, just a lot of high pitched squealing that made me look like this guy--> (forgot to turn the speakers down) Probably a can of worms but I'm interested in learning, if possible.
  14. Encrypting a .ABS file to CD

    Wow, nevermind, the JUGS device worked like a champ. Wondering what the deal is with the specific pinout from Matthias? Must be differences in the signaling for the U.S. Jaguars. Anyway, just accomplished my first encryption process All the info I've found and the re-written instructions I've compiled open doors for the Cinepak test I was working on and reluctantly abandoned. Will be posting a n00b version of my notes as soon as I edit them down to a reasonable length.