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A new linker for Atari Jaguar development


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I recently wanted to replace original Atari MadMac and ALN from my toolchain, because the available binaries for Linux are old executables which are more and more difficult to run on recent Linux distro.


I failed to replace ALN by RLN because it lacks support for archive files (used to make library of objects).

As I had a few days off, I decided to write my own linker using a high-level language (namely OCaml).

I have reached a point where I have something that seems to work and thus I wanted to share this development with the community.


The source code is available on my github repository. As I know that installing the ocaml toolchain on Windows can be a bit tedious, I have also made available on The Removers website a 32 bits binary for Windows (of the current version).


I am happy to hear your feedback regarding this tool (especially Windows users, because I use myself Linux version).



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