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Cleaning Technique


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This is the method i use to separate bloc of pixels from others one, so being able to, as an example, extract logos from background. But its quite limitated. It's usually only possible if background and logo are in different colors of the palette. But you can use this technique with every paint program you can find even if this tutorial has been made using the great Neochrome Master.

This is our working pic. Let's take a self explanatory example, you made this great logo and showed it to your coder, he then said it could be used in your next production but you'll have to remove the red background !!
You have only a few solutions left. You kill him : no good in a long term thinking. You kill yourself : being dead is not that funny at all. You chose pencil in Neo master and start a long night of rework : and what else !? Or you remind yourself of that funny guy from this crew with a sadly long name and its technique.


This method is simple, take your bucket tool, choose the color that approach the most the one close to your filling point, and click.


Easy ! Then go on, select your next color and click again.


Definitely not that hard. And it just goes like this, so let me put a few more images to show how it works and then explain how to finish the work.






You got the basic method. As you can see it's not finished yet, on a picture like this you may have to redo the whole technique a few more times. You can select your colors from the first to the last again or just go back and forth, it merely depends on the way the picture is made. If you want to speed up the process, you can roughly erase (shortcut D for Disk) around the block you want to keep and start to fill afterwards.

Okay, after you managed to fully repaint the part you want to erase, just give it a black and last fill and you're done.


Voila !!

As i stated in the beginning, before using this technique, be sure to double check you could use it, if your part to erase is mixed with the remaining one (i mean colors of both are mixed), you better not use it and start use some old good elbow grease.

This technique is provided as is and no guaranty and stuff is provided. Let's say if you messed up something, it's all your fault. But if you use it, i want you to do your most wackiest smile when you start your work.

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