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  1. I have updated the french translation but had to force anyone using the old one to use the english while i was changing the files. You may now chose which translation to use withou any bug.
  2. Jagcf And Jjr Demo Video

    Excellent !
  3. Yup, french translation is rather old and lack some parts of the new skin... How can you use the french version of this board
  4. As some have already noticed (and signaled). There was a problem to create new topic. The editor was completely messed. This was due to an important upgrade i made on thursday. I've basically checked if it was working fine afterwards, but obviously forgot this part. By the time i can redo the old skin on the new system, everyone will have to use the default one (which is not really different). [EDIT] On monday the 4th at 1:36 am, the jagware skin is mostly back, a complete refresh of the webpage should do it (shift+f5 or control+f5).
  5. Display Problems

    There's a problem with the old skin set since the yesterday's upgrade, till i can find time and a way to fix this, i'll force the use of the default skin for every users. [EDIT] At least, i put the logo back (in a dirty way...).
  6. Catnip Cable : Will You Buy One ?

    There is none, trussssst me, you'll buy one
  7. Un long et détaillé making of sur la création d'un "petit" jeu par une équipe réduite. http://www.dk-games.info/RonronsMakingOf/L...ingOf_Intro.htm A long and detailed (and french) making of about a "little" game made by a small team.
  8. Check this flash game. Animation kicks ass. http://www.armorgames.com/games/fancypants...ture_popup.html
  9. La Faq De Jagware

    L'installer en défnitive sur l'espace de Jagware serait une idée (il y a largement la place), tu en resterait le principal administrateur bien sûr. Et merci Seb de prendre le pas sur ma fainéantise.
  10. Adaptateur Compact Flash

    Which attitude ? I had no said "attitude", it was a simple, flat answer to the question why it wasn't discussed in an english topic. Forums have merged recently, it's a mess, try a search, point, end... And because i didn't put smileys in a post doesn't mean i'm trying to insult, or hurt anyone. As i know, do not having smileys just undermeans neutral/no attitude.
  11. Adaptateur Compact Flash

    It is, even though it's not up to date. There you go. You have to know that english and french forums have merged recently, so try a search next time.
  12. What Is Jagware ?

    What is Jagware ? Jagware is an online community whose aim is to gather as many talented people as possible, in order to develop games for the Jaguar 64 bits console. What does Jagware offer ? Support from experienced Jaguar enthusiasts, including some professionals (coders, graphic artists, musicians, mathematicians, electronics engineers...), all interested in working together. Public forums open to everybody. Private forums for team projects. Teams leaders can freely choose to whom they grant access, so discretion is assured. An IRC channel for chatting : #jagware on irc.worldnet.net (Web-based version)
  13. Bienvenue à tous les nouveaux !

    Excusez moi pour mon manque flagrant de diplomatie là mais... Faut arreter vos conneries avec les personnes en cours de validation ! Si ca se trouve c'est encore un bot comme les cinq autres que vous n'avez pas vu passer... [EDIT] Ca m'emmerde d'avoir raison dans ces cas la mais oui, c'est du flan, fausse adresse qui rend une erreur à l'envoi.
  14. Le dossier sur Shadow n'est qu'une traduction d'un article en anglais que l'on peut trouver online. Le magazine à mis beaucoup de temps a sortir, c'est pour ca que certains dossier sont défraichis. C'est un magazine qui se veut surtout pour les développeurs francophone, c'est déjà pas si mal.
  15. Game development magazine N°1 est sorti il n'y a aps trop longtemps et comporte un article copieux bien qu'un peu brouillon sur le game design que je vous conseille de lire. http://www.gamedevelopmentmag.com/